{In}-decision Final!…


I have been sick of my “look” for a long time now!

Before I had Hannah I grew my hair long by choice & loved it. I really looked after it a lot, had regular colours & straightening. But since having kids it’s kind of grown (no pun intended) past the point of choice to have it long & more about laziness & convenience!…
It’s all too easy to slap my long, think, heavy (wet) hair back in the morning into a 3 second ponytail & leave it at that. Haircuts have gone from 6 weekly to 6 monthly. – It was getting so heavy over the summer that it has even been giving me a sore neck & a headache!

3 months or so ago I came really close to changing that fact & chopping my hair all off for a fresh new look. But then I remembered my bridesmaids duties & decided to wait because I new Natalie wanted us to have an “up do”. So I left it long.

I know this is your last impression of me:

Now while I’d love to claim that I look this gorgeous every day (ha – I wish!) – this is actually my every day look (& the 30second ponytail to which I refer):

Credit to my 3 year old Hannah for the photo!

Concealer (to hide the dark under eye circles!) is about all the makeup my face sees these days.

And this is the back when it’s down…

AFTER I already had a good 4-6 inches off at my last hair cut. It’s really thick under there too – I have a lot of hair!!

With bridesmaids duties over I knew I now had the option to cut it off.

…But I started to get really nervous.
Did I REALLY want to do this?
What if it was too high maintenance for me?
What if I ended up with an Afro – don’t laugh – it really could happen (and has!)
A ponytail is so easy!
And so safe…

… then I caught myself…

When did I get so scared of change?
When did I start to desire to stick with the “safe” option!!
I am the change queen. I love it.
Thrive on it actually.
Usually that is.

So without any further thought I decided it was time to take action!
I did not like the fact that I was afraid to step out all of a sudden from the safe option.
After all – it’s only hair right… it’ll grow again!
Not like we’re talking anything major here!

And as of yesterday this is now me…

Short & sweet!

Not sure Neil is totally convinced that short is the new black – but I so am! I’m loving it!
Only thing now is that I’m very aware of my neck, and it’s feeling the cold… hmmm… I think I nice scarf might be in order! lol…

I was still nervous about how it would “wear” after I had it done – but I’m pleased to report that it stood up to the most harsh of tests – a midnight dash to the Emergency department with sick baby (because of course that trip was all about my hair!) (**That was totally sarcasm – just in case you needed that clarified!!...)

Yes that’s right – sick kids again, *sigh. This time poor Abbie has croup. I’ve had her at the doctors yesterday & the day before to check her breathing, which has definitely been very wheezy. Then last night she took a turn for the worst so I took her to the hospital. After the steroids they gave her she is breathing a lot better today. She still sounds rough, but is managing to get some sleep finally which is the main thing!

So not much creative stuff going on this week to break in my new space. But I’m afraid my priority this week will be continuing to love on this sweet face…




  1. That looks fabulous!!
    Well done to you for having the courage to do it – I’m soooo stuck in a rut with my hair that the only look I’m sporting lately is a bun………!


  2. Your new ‘look’ is gorgeous and really suits you!! I have been long and short and everything inbetween and am also stuck in a rut! I wasn’t game enough to say to my hairdresser recently to chop it all off as much as I wanted too.

    Poor Miss Abbie..sending lots of get well vibes.

  3. I am with you on the hair. I have been cutting my fringe myself as the friend who usually trims my hair for me has a repetitive strain injury. Cutting your own hair is so NOT a good look for a woman in her 40s!! So I am booked in for my first professional cut in almost two years in a couple of weeks time. Bring it on. (The fear will kick in when the day comes closer.)

    Hope Abbie continues to improve and what a priceless photo of her at the end of the post.

    Your new look is gorgeous. John is the same as Neil. Cut my hair? Why? Uh, because it is time I looked vaguely grown up!

  4. You made a great decision…it looks great and will be very freeing for you…Neil will come around I am sure.( oh you may find the hair product use increases though!)

  5. Woohoo! I love the new do!

    Argh, croup is no fun at all 🙁 Praying that Miss Abbie is back to full health soon. xx

  6. The new do looks great on you!!! Short hair really does agree with you! I can only imagine how refreshed you must feel after cutting off all those locks! I’ve had my hair long my whole life and constantly think what it would be like to have it all cut off, but i’m really not sure I have the guts to follow through with it!

    I really hope poor Abbie feels better soon!!

  7. Ooh, poor baby! I do hope Abbie is feeling much better right away. Wheezing is yucky. 🙁

    Love the new ‘do! And you’re right, if you don’t like it, it’ll grow. Isn’t it funny – if your hair is naturally curly, you’re forever straightening it…if it’s straight, you get perms…if it’s long, you pull it up, if it’s short, you wish it was long! LOL Your new cut looks like it will be easy breezy for you. 😀

  8. Your new hairdo/cut is just beautiful. It really shows off your beautiful face. Glad you are happy with it, cutting hair short is always something that is hard to do, but the ease of shorter hair is always so appreciated, especially when you don’t have the time to tend to long hair. You look gorgeous!

  9. Love it Kat! Looks sooo good – and you are so brave to do the cut… I’ve been tossing up the idea for ages and still can’t bring myself to do it! Prayers for Abbie xx

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