Goodie Bag Swap…


Here is the bag I made for my Goodie Bag Swap partner Lmcquilt~Tiffany…

Goodie Bag Swap front by Flutter from.Kat (Mummastimetocreate)

I actually made this bag a few months ago. But at the time I didn’t want to post photos until Tiffany had received it because by complete coincidence she also ended up being my Pretty {little} purse swap partner. If you remember this is the purse I made her:

So since I coordinated the fabrics for her, I didn’t want to post any pics of my goodie bag because she’d guess it was for her!

Here are some more pics of the bag:
The back…

Goodie Bag back

 The 2 inside pockets… (sorry – terrible photo!)

Goodie Bag Swap inside pockets

 A close up…

Me trying it out…

Goodie Bag Swap
I really REALLY liked this bag once it was finished. So much that I’m going to make myself one exactly the same. I already bought the fabric 😉 Well maybe not exactly the same. This time I will make it the same way I made the trial bag, which worked a little better at the top. 
– I was not concentrating when I sewed this one & forgot to leave a turning hole in the lining so ended up amending the pattern a little & turning it through the top. It didn’t work as well because the denim was a stretch denim and it made the top sit a little wavy. To overcome this I ended up putting the button closure on.
All that extra work just to avoid having to unpick the turning hole in the lining. What am I like!!??!! 
It ended up with a happy ending because I really like the detail the the self covered button gives, but that’s a bit beside the point. I think I need to get over my dislike of my unpicker. It would save me a lot of avoidance “shortcuts”!
I hope Tiffany likes her bag & purse. Unfortunately I will never know as she dropped out of Flickr & her blog after I’d already sent this swap. We all hope she’s ok!
It’s kind of a bummer not to hear from your swap partner after you spend so much time making them something. These things happen though I guess…


  1. The goodie bag looks great! I guess I’m glad you didn’t want to open the lining seam back up because I LOVE the button!!!! lOl

    I hope your partner lets you know when she gets it – she’s bound to like it. 😀

  2. The bag is gorgeous and I am sure that whether or not you ever hear from her she is still loving it. I am lucky because I just did my first swap (with the Brit girls) and everyone was so nice and participated, leaving great comments, etc. It was a huge moral boost all round. And made we want to do another one soon.

  3. I am really sorry she dropped off the face of the planet. You did a fabulous job on both items! We emailed and Flickr mailed her like crazy to try and get a response! My guess is that something really serious is keeping her from responding because this simply isn’t like her. I know the DQS has tried to contact her as well. I’m not sure if anyone knows what’s going on. I hope she’s ok!

  4. I was in the Tokyo Subway Map swap with Tiffany, and she vanished from that too. Someone said that there might have been a death in the family (a nephew maybe?), so I’m sure she’ll really appreciate the adorable bags you sent!

  5. I love that you made the matching one, great bag!
    LOL at your non-unpicking journey, I’m the same. Anti-reverse-stitching right here. If it’s for me, I never unpick, I just change it. If it’s for someone else I see if there’s another way like u did. But sometimes you’re just destined to meet with the unpick…

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