Giveaway Week…

    ** Giveaway closed **

    Hellloooo…. and welcome to the first giveaway of my giveaway week!!

    To celebrate my new found happiness and to assist me in my massive destash (not just of ugly fabric – I promise haha), I have decided to have a week of giveaways for you lovely “follower” types…
    I decided that if I was going to get rid of a whole bunch of crafty stuff then who better to give it to than you guys right! 🙂
    I also just wanted to say a huge thanks for all your love & support that you show me & the encouragement you give! You guys are so inspiring and even though I haven’t met most of you I still consider you important friends…

    So this is how it will work…

    Each day I will post a small giveaway as part of my daily blog post. They are all soooo different to each other in what they offer, so make sure you stop back to enter each one!

    Entry is simple – just make a comment on each post you would like to enter. I don’t have that many followers so you have a pretty high chance of winning something over the week!! International entries welcome. But followers/regular subscribers only please. Sorry guys. (That’s not an incentive to follow me by the way – please only follow me if you’re actually interested to!)

    I will draw all 7 giveaways next Friday 5th August (thanks Juliet for pointing out my error! – you’d make a great editor!!) and announce them all in one post, so you have until then to enter them all. Should make it easier for you to enter them all that way, without necessarily having to stop by every day!

    Without further rambling – today’s giveaway is:

    A charm pack of eye-spy (I spy with my little eye…) fabrics. 

    There are approx 42 charm squares in total, all of a variety of eye-spy prints all hand cut by me (so I don’t promise they’re not cut wonky!). They are well distributed & definitely suitable for both genders – not all girly I promise! Perfect for making an eye-spy quilt to play with a toddler, or even memory cards etc…
    … I’m not promising that you’ll like all the prints – in fact (in my humble opinion) some of them could rival this fabric for the world’s most ugly fabric! – But funnily enough those seem to be the fabrics that Hannah likes the best so they serve their purpose!! (these are left over squares of prints I’m using to make my girls an eye-spy quilt).

    If you’d like a chance to win this pack please comment on this post. In the interests of getting to know one another, today why don’t you leave me a comment telling me where you’d go on your ideal holiday if money (or time) was no object!

    … me…
    right now I’d love nothing more than to lie on the beach in Samoa, reading my book, eating scrummy tropical fruit (maybe with a chocolate dip 😉 ) and having someone bring me cocktails. I’d love my girls to be there so I could still see them – but with someone else there to do all the hard work…
    How bout you?


    1. Oh! Number one never wins!!! Nevermind, someone has to do it. So here I am.

      Holiday. Well there are so many places I would like to revisit in the world and show my girls. But if I was going to relax I return to a memory of bicycling around Bora Bora one day and it was bliss. I would love to do that bike ride with my family, and float around the reefs with a snorkle on, checking out the fish and anything else that is there. Have one of those hotel rooms that is out over the water on stilts. (Budget is not relevent here after all.) Then that tropical cocktail to wind down the day. Oh, how I dream!

    2. Congrats on the mental health shift…thanks for sharing cool stuff with us and now sharing even your ugly fabric!!! LOL
      A perfect holiday would be.. anywhere I could switch off from the fast pace of life and have every thing done for me…The over the top pampering thingy happening.

    3. Hmmm…dare to dream…I would love to travel through Europe with my husband and two girls….with money not an issue we could drive through the countries and stay in great hotels where travelling with kids would not be a problem…ah…the galleries…the architecture…

    4. I would jetset my way to NZ…a few days on the ski fields then time spent catching up with family 🙂 if I wasn’t so home sick I would hopscotch my way to Europe…a girl is allowed to dream 🙂


    5. Hey – that is so great – I am thinking about starting an I spy quilt, but never can commit to buying yardage of the fabric. Anyways, my husband and I have been living abroad, and there is no place like home. We’re going back in a month, but we are wistful for good old San Francisco.

    6. If money were no object, we’d definitely take a trip to London. My husband has wanted to go for years (since he was a kid, probably), and the way it’s looking, it will be a lot more years before the trip ever happens. It’s fun to dream though!

    7. My husband just got back from Rome (lucky duck) on a research trip. Looking at his photos, I’d definitely like to check it out, and add Greece in. Then I could call it a Drama teacher research trip.

    8. Not a second needed to think about it. ROME!!! Oh how my heart longs for that place! I studied abroad there in college, and incidentally met my husband and we started dating there in Rome. 🙂 We also honeymooned there… but it’s been about 4 years now… I miss it. 🙂

    9. Hi Kat! Thank you for having so wonderful idea for a giveaway week! These fabrics look beautiful and I would be happy to win them!

    10. And money is no object, so…

      First, I would like to travel around the U.S., and visit all the states I haven’t yet seen (except in photos & movies). Then I’d like to go to Scotland & Ireland, then I would go back to Australia & travel all around (since I’ve only been to Queensland) and maybe cap it off with New Zealand too, before I head back to California & hang out with my sisters.

      Whew! Good thing I’ll be in First Class with all that flying, right?

    11. I have always wanted to visit Scotland. I read books by George McDonald and fell in love with the place through his writing. Your beach trip sounds wonderful too though :).

    12. I noticed Kat that you put a picture of something really cute on top of that stash pack.

      Ok a holiday- I haven’t had one in a very long time. If I had to pick just one destination right now it would be Finland . My great grandfather came from there and I’ve always wanted to see it. It looks so pretty . Plus it’s really close to a lot of other cool Europe type places so I could pop in and see some of those too!

    13. Hi Kat, Thanks for the giveaway! I ahve been collecting eye spy squares to make an eye spy quilt some day. I would love to be the winner of your giveaway.

      I would like to go to Australia or Italy. I love to visit new places and see a lot of things. I am not a lay on the beach gal….I am a get up and go gal.

    14. Ok,so I wasn’t going to enter this as I’m not a quilter, but then I thought what the heck, I have enough quilter friends who would give me a hand if I get myself into trouble. why not try something else new!
      As for holidays, I have 2 preferred options:
      1. Take the children to their grandparents in Europe (if only it wasn’t so expensive to go!)
      2. Explore more of the beautiful South Island of NZ… this place is SERIOUSLY cool!!!

    15. Well I’m not a quilter either but I do like making cute little purses so any fabric is a bonus 😉

      I haven’t had a holiday for ages either but if I had to choose I would love to go to New Zealand and spend ages driving around exploring all the wonderful countryside and buying up lots of wool!!

    16. I’d love a vacay, but it’s virtually impossible since I’ve got 3 kids (ages 5, 2, and 7 months). I would just settle for a few hours alone in my sewing room and one night of uninterrupted sleep! But, if my kids were older, I’d like to go to Florida in the winter and just relax with my husband like old times.

    17. I’d love to do a tour of the West Indies following the Australian Cricket team. Tropical paradise and cricket in one. Here’s hoping I win lotto.
      Cute giveaway too.

    18. I would love to go back to Thailand – eat great food, get cheap massages and enjoy the friendly company of the locals !

    19. I’d love to go back to Russia. I spent a week there on a trip with my grandpa. It was a wonderful trip. Between my hubs & I, our dream trip is Italy & Spain for horseback riding (him) & wine tasting (me). 🙂

    20. Those I spy fabrics look wonderful! Thx for the chance to win! Let’s see….ideal holiday. Well, since it has been horribly hot here in Indiana this summer, I would go back to beautiful and COOL…Alaska! When can I leave? 🙂

    21. Ooh! Cute fabrics. Ideal holiday? Doesn’t have to be anywhere specific; just some time with the family where my son and daughter didn’t bicker or my daughter wasn’t hormonally in the throes of puberty! Aah, heaven!

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