Fabric protector/Design Wall & Giveaway Post #2:

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I promised I’d post about this in a separate post a couple of days ago then promptly forgot… ooops… sorry (because I’m sure you all totally missed it didn’t you!)

Anyway, this week I’ve had the privilege of hubby home from work during the week for an extra 3 days. We did nothing but rest & spend time together as a family… it was great!
But since we were home, with nothing much to do, it was time to tackle a few mundane jobs that we’ve both been putting off! Like in his case tidying the shed… and in my case more organizing of my sewing room… (like actually sorting stuff out – not just hiding it in the drawers and forgetting about it!)

One of those little niggly jobs that I’ve been putting off is making myself a curtain to protect my fabric. Now while there’s nothing I love more in my sewing room than gazing lovingly at this fine stack of fabric and daydreaming about all the lovely things that I could make with it…


…Sorry… back on track…

Now that I’ve moved into my new space, it’s unfortunately right in front of the window. While we have the shutters up for winter, the room gets quite a bit of afternoon sun (the time when I’m in there working with the blinds open) so I was a little concerned about it getting too much light and therefore fading. Quite frankly that would suck! (I know it appeared before like it was in between 2 windows – but one of those had a car port over, the other had a huge veranda – so seriously it was the darkest dingiest corner of the house & I didn’t think fading could be even a remote possibility!)

So it really does need a curtain to protect it now…. B.o.r.i.n.g!

Anyway I made myself do it. As per usual it was painless once I got going and only actually took about 10 minutes (well for me anyway – took Neil significantly longer to create the perfect hanging method LOL…)

All I did was double over a spare (poly-cotton) sheet that we had lurking in the cupboard. Cut off the extra length at the top. Double over a tab at the top to feed the hanging wire through – and wallah – finished! (Helped that I cheated and made the most of all the hems already on the sheet!)

Nowhere near as fun to look at 🙁
… But then it occurred to me that it could double as a design wall…

That made me somewhat happier!!

I’ve found since that it also has a 3rd benefit… that is keeping littlest rascal from constantly playing with my fabric. Out of sight out of mind I guess (for now anyway)…

Have you got your fabric/other precious crafty stuff protected from the sun?
If not then perhaps it could be time…?

And now the part that I’m sure you all skimmed too 😉
Today I’m giving away 2 delicious fat quarters in my favourite colour, by two of my favourite designers…. – See I promised they weren’t all uglies lol….

(ok if you think these are ugly you are not allowed to play!)

Lotus dots by Amy Butler in blue…
and Butterfly something-er-other by Michael Miller (that’s the official name obviously 😉 ) in of course BLUE…

Check here for the rules/how tos…
Closes this Friday so you have all week to enter blah blah blah
Maybe today you could tell me your favourite fabric…

Right… off to fix the disaster that was last nights sewing session. That requires a trip to Spotlight for more elastic right when they’ve got 40% off cut fabric – oh dear – wish me luck getting out with just elastic!!


  1. I love the idea of using the curtain as a design wall!! Beautiful!

    My favourite fabric at the moment is Heather Ross’s Far Far Away Series 3…I love the girls playing with the horses and snow white and the clothesline…now I just need to find some really really cheap!

  2. Lovely! I actually have a very similar set-up in my sewing room. The wardrobe type thing I have is secondhand and from ikea (originally) it doesn’t store my stash (my stash doesn’t take up much room) but it holds all the odds and ends (DH’s painting stuff, my WIP’s, the toddler’s crafts etc) Mine has two thin curtain type things on the front that I always have blocks pinned to! 🙂 It works out well! 🙂

  3. Hi Kat! Your fabric store looks great now and what a good idea to catch there blocks you are working! I haven’t thought much protecting mine from sun and I should.
    I think all your farbrics are beautiful like also these lovely blues with so adorable prints! I would be so happy to sew with these – they would mach perfectly with my bird blocks.
    xxx Teje

  4. Get that fabric protected, says the woman who faded many a FQ when she had to sew in the conservatory of a previous house. Love the giveaway fabrics and I know they aren’t ugly – we’ve already established what ugly is!

  5. Oh yes I went to Spotlight but didn’t have time to look at the fabric….I didn’t walk out empty handed though, I had preordered some wool from the sales 🙂

  6. Definitely not ugly! There is hope for you yet 😉
    Too many fabrics for me to love but one that always makes me smile when I see it is Happy Hills Multi by Michael Miller 🙂

  7. Great thinking with the curtain. I should probably put up something like that myself, but I’m afraid “out of sight, out of mind” might work on me as well!

    as for the fabrics, those are definitely not uglies you’re giving away! Also, I’m not sure I could possibly pick a favorite, though I do really love the cute little ducks from Red Letter Day.

  8. My fabric weakness is 30’s reproductions, and my two current obsessions are Alexander Henry’s Farmdale and Denyse Schmidt’s Picnics and Fairgrounds.
    But, all in all, I basically just love pretty much all kinds of fabric:)

  9. WOW! What a superb idea to use the curtain as a design wall.
    So many times quilters have small areas and using these spaces for more than one reason makes sense.

    Thanks for sharing aa great idea.

  10. I’ve wondered about making a covering for my fabric closet as well but decided it’s probably ok. Mine is behind the door for the room and while I’m in the room all day the door blocks that closet so the only time it’s not open to air for sunlight and possible dust even would be at night when we go to bed and I close the door to keep my cat out of the room.

    I’m not sure if I can even say what my favorite fabric is now. I have so many but Terrain by Kate Spain is very high on my wish list. I love the colors in that entire line.

  11. Nice job on your design wall/curtain/fabric protector!

    I don’t really have a favorite designer. I’ve recently started learning about them since I’ve started reading blogs. I just pick what I like, and it isn’t usually even all from one line! 😀

  12. What a great and creative solution to TWO problems – way to go!

    I don’t have one favourite fabric, but I sure do love working with Kona Medium Gray.

  13. Great fabrics – my fav fabric at the moment ( it changes all the time ) is ‘Ruby’ by moda’s bonnie and camille

  14. my favorite fabric is something I don’t even own a scrap of…Neptune. I Loved the colors and have my sewing room in the process of decorating around those colors…but I never bought any…wish I would have..I would make a quilt for ME!

  15. I want someone to come put all my fabric on boards like you did; I don’t want to have to do it myself! I’m loving so many fabrics right now! I really like that Joel Dewberry Heirloom fabric in Ruby or Citrine. Gor-geous!

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