Yummy Yummy mail…


    Before I left for NZ I was expecting 2 swap packages in the mail. The pretty {little} pouch swap & The goodie bag swap – both on Flickr. Unfortunately they were both late arriving due to International mail delays. I’m sure you know by now that I’m not the most patient of people – so this really increased the ants in my pants knowing that I’d have to wait 3 whole more weeks to receive them!
    It was even more annoying arriving home on Saturday lunch time shortly after the post office had closed for the weekend. Haha – again more ants!!

    But boy could they not have been worth the wait more!!!! On Monday morning 2 very yummy happy packages awaited me – whoop whoop! I am just SOOOOO blown away by not only their gorgeousness, but also the complete thoughtfulness of my swap partners and the real effort that I can tell they went to to make something that I would love. I’m so so lucky that I had such wonderful partners making for me!

    Firstly my pretty {little} purse swap…

    other front

    Isn’t it awesome? Made by the very talented Sylvia (Cilvee on Flickr).
    This is a blind swap, which means that the recipient does not know who is making for them until it arrives. So the only correspondence we have with our partner making for us is generally asked questions and a swap mosaic. If you remember this was my inspiration mosaic I made for her to help her know what kind of things I like:

    Pretty {little} pouch swap inspiration

    Could Cilvee have done any better? I mean really…
    Lots of pink. Check! Lots of aqua. Check! Lots of russian dolls. Check! Very very girly. Check! Beautiful stitching detail. Check! Beautiful metal frame (and not only that but a butterfly one nonetheless). Check! Awesome fussy cutting detail. Check!

    Thank you SO so much Sylvia!!! I really really love it and you did seriously well at “stalking” my loves!

    Secondly was the Goodie bag Swap…
    This is another blind swap and this was my inspiration mosaic:

    Goodie bag swap inspiration

    And here is my new “Goodie bag”…

    The outside

    Gorgeous hey!

    The inside

    ย The whole goodie bundle…

    Loving the strawberries! – I reckon they will make cute magnets for my design board!

    My beautiful new bag was made by none other than one of our swap mummas herself, Angela (Twee cut to pieces).ย  Talk about lucky! I’ve always admired Angela’s work. She is very much the perfectionist, has an incredible eye for detail, and puts fabric together really well. I also think we have quite similar taste in colour so that’s probably another reason I admire her work. If you are a long time follower you may also remember Angela for her contribution to my blog etiquette week.

    Again I’m blown away by the little details that Angela included to make the bag something that I would love…
    Blue fabric! Butterflys! Diamante button! Tufted tweets fabric for the internal pockets (I love Laurie Wishburn). Gorgeous blue scrap pack of fabric. And Angela even scotchguarded the bag to keep it clean from my 2 lovely mess-makers. See – she’s all about the details! ๐Ÿ™‚

    So I’m feeling pretty darn lucky right now. I have been so blessed in the last 4 swaps I’ve participated in with absolutely amazing partners. Lucky lucky lucky.

    Unfortunately that is my last Flickr swap for a while though. I need to take a break from them and pursue some other things.

    However I am contemplating doing a few private swaps and would love to do some with some of my loyal readers…. So anyone interested in a private swap? I’m not really that bothered what we swap – other than a handmade item. It will depend what you’re into. So email me if you’re interested and we’ll cook a plan hey.


    1. You did so well in those swaps. Absolutely gorgeous things to receive, but then you send out gorgeous things made with love in the swap as well so fair is fair!

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