You know you’re tired when….


The germs have invaded our house once again.
This time Hubby is down with something resembling the gastro that Hannah had.
It’s over a week since she had it so I’m desperately hoping that it just has a freakishly long incubation period & that it’s not a new bug he’s bought home from tafe…
Whichever it is I hope that he’s better of it soon & that it marks the end of this winters illnesses for our family!!
I can hope right?!

Anyway since I’m busy sitting her playing nurse maid again… with my tired brain spinning in a gazillion different directions, and can’t actually seem to pin it down to just a few ideas (what designs to make as couch cushions to be exact)…
I thought I would procrastinate well and truly and offer up a little game.
Hopefully you can help me have a little laugh in the midst of this attack of the germies… 😉

So… here goes…

You know you’re tired when….

…. you put your 6 month olds jeans on your 2 1/2 year old… (true story – that was Neil)…

… you put your 2 1/2 year olds nappy on your 6 month old & vice versa and don’t even notice until the next time you go to change their nappy! … (true – we have both done that one at various times…)

… you go to sterilize a brand new bottle (just out of the packet) using your microwave steam sterilizer, not thinking of the fact the rubber medicine dropper you are also sterilizing will not withstand that sort of heat, thereby melting the medicine dropper all over the brand new bottle, melting a hole in it completely & trying to set fire to the house… (me when Hannah was 1 week old…)

… you realize AT BEDTIME that you put your underwear (or shirt) on inside out this morning and hadn’t noticed all day… (k so maybe that was me, or maybe not 😉 )…

… instead of warming up your daughters bottle (of precious expressed breastmilk) in hot water as advised, in desperation to speed up the process & quiet screaming hungry baby you try putting the bottle in the kettle while it’s boiling the water, thereby causing the bottle to turn upside down & explode breastmilk all over your kettle… (I know EWWW right – that was also when Hannah was a couple of weeks old and I had stupid painted on my forehead) (and do you know what friends – the jokes on you because if you’ve ever been to my house then there’s a good chance that you’ve had a hot drink made in that same kettle meheheheheh!!)…

… you are so tired after 3 days & nights of nursing a sick baby you leave your wallet & phone on an aeroplane… (yep, me on my way to NZ last month- luckily Qantas found it & I could pick it up from the police the next day!)

Anyway those are some of my crazy tired stories to share.

I’d love to hear some of yours!
(they don’t have to be about having kids… but those are the only ones I can recall right now).


  1. When DD was a tiny baby I would give her a middle of the night feed and put her back to bed but then I would wake up having forgotten that she was finished and back in bed. I would panic that I had taken her into bed with me and that she was lost in the bed and I would be flinging my arms about over DH looking for her and waking him up in a very unpleasant way.

  2. I used to fall asleep at the dinner table while the girls were eating. I would just lean forward put my head down and that was it, until they rudely woke me up again. Always remember,you can nap when they are napping. Unfortunately Helen stopped napping at 15 months and that was shortly before Emily was born so I didn’t stand a chance.

  3. I know the feeling….. after doing the shopping today, I got into my car with the newborn still in the baby bjorn strapped to me. I probably would of driven away except for all the funny looks people were giving me and then I realized she was still strapped to me ! ooops ! x

  4. …standing there over your freshly changed baby looking at all of those little snaps and knowing that there’s no way on this earth you’re going to match them up…

    …suddenly realizing that you’ve fallen asleep on the couch and slept through several episodes of Sponge Bob with two preschoolers sitting on your the entire time…

  5. ….having fed the cat you put the catfood in the dishwasher instead of back in the fridge.

    …you open the fridge to find a dirty coffee mug in there & don’t remember drinking from that mug!

    …you wake up in the shower & remember you’re there for a reason.

    (apparently, so I’m told – I’m not claiming any of these insane doings….!!!)

  6. I’m not a Mom, but I do suffer from the occasional bout of insomnia.

    …it takes you 45 minutes to watch the last 15 minutes of a tv show (thanks TiVo).

    …when you get home from work & realize your shirt is on backwards. And this is not the first time.

    …when you have an hour commute to work and cannot remember driving for the first 30 minutes. (Thank goodness I only live 8 miles from work now!)

    …when you keep hearing this annoying buzzy, pinging sound, and realize your hand is still pushing down the enter key…..

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