Tuesday Tidbits…


**  I’m into week 2 since we got home from our NZ holiday…

**  So far since coming home I’ve seen a lot of the inside of my house & not much else…

**  First Hannah had gastro, now Abbie has some weird virus which causes a fever & not much else…

**  Now I feel like I’m coming down with it – boo hiss!

**  I thought I would be starting to go mental by now, but actually it’s been really fun…

**  While Abbie sleeps I’ve been having some wonderful (much needed) one on one time with Hannah…

“Pulling” fabric for her quilt…

**  So far we’ve baked
      Learned some letters – Hannah can almost write her name. She’s so into it!
      Played trains
      Had picnics & “high tea” with all her teddies on the lounge floor
      Sewn clothes for her teddies
      Made a couple of ticker tape quilts together for her dolls out of my scraps (her request believe it or not, not even my suggestion!)

our first quilt before binding….

      Snuggled together & watched movies…

**  This week I’ve reminded myself how fun it can be to be at home!

**  No schedule. Just cruising and enjoying life together…

Miss Cheeky Abbie after I turned around and discovered
she’d found her big sister’s biscuit! She knew it was stolen and thought it was a great joke!

**  Not that it’s been all roses having sick kids. But pretty good considering the circumstances!

**  Now I’m off to bed & hoping for a better nights sleep than the last 2.

Night night (or good morning)…


  1. it’s hard when the kids are sick! hang in there.

    the ticker tape quilt is so cute and i am so impressed that your girl suggested it!

  2. Sorry to hear that the girls have been sick, hope everyone starts feeling better very soon, and you don’t come down with either of the illnesses.
    It really sounds like you are making the most of it and i love Hannah’s ticker tape quilt.

  3. Hope your household is on the way to good health 🙂

    Love the little quilt, such a neat idea.

    I am enjoying staying close to home at the moment, I am so much more productive for it.


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