Queen Bee…


The last couple of months I fell a bit behind with my bee blocks.
Not cool.
I hate being late for things!

So the last couple of days I have embraced my live in babysitter (ah hem) I mean husband being home and got busy sewing. Boy it was good to be back in front my sewing machine – it wasn’t until I sat in comfy sewing chair again that I realised just how much I’d missed it all. A few productive hours spent sewing (in my pyjamas) later and said bee blocks are up to date.
Not only did I get my overdue May blocks done, but also both sets of June blocks & I even got fabric pulled for one of my July blocks.
Great progress!!

May Block for Emma of Sew & Bee-Happy:

Emma asked for traditional pieced blocks in blue for a sampler quilt she is making. After much deliberation I finally settled on a blue version of my rainbow wheel block…

May blocks for Mona of Bits & Pieces Bee:

Oh boy did these blocks test me at first! Mona requested free pieced word blocks in colourful fabrics on grey. One word was to be our name & the other a word of our choice. Here is my first attempt at my name…

Oh boy was this baby BBIIIIGGG (like the size of 2 x 12.5 blocks) and it was also boooring! I did not like it’s hugeness & it’s squareness. So I decided to chop it to bits (no unpicking shananigans in this house!) and wonk it up a little. After 2 more attempts this was what I settled on:

Still definitely more practise at free piecing required! (Not to mention I am seriously questioning my fabric choices together – I initially chose them because they each have meaning). But I think I like it better than when  it was big and square, so hopefully Mona likes it too.

2nd time around was a LOT easier. I think I’d got the hang of the sizes a little better. I was originally going to make the word “unity” but (dare I say it) after the first attempt I really couldn’t be bothered with that many letters. Try as I did I could not think of any good 3 letter words to make, so I compromised with 4 & made this:

I like this a lot better! Hopefully Mona loves the word play too…

June block for Sabah in Sew & Bee-Happy:

Sabah requested stars in red & white. So this was my version…

I really like this block! It was loosely based on a block out of the quiltmakers 100 blocks 2 edition, but I changed it up a bit in the 4 corners to this. Although it did occur to me afterwards that maybe Sabah was wanting red stars on white. hmmm… I hope it suits her!

June blocks for Rachel in Bits & Pieces Bee:

Rachel asked for cross blocks in very pale lemon & aqua. I have to say that my stash is a bit limited in pale colours but I finally dug out some suitable fabrics.

And one of my July ladies is moving this month so she posted her instructions early. I’ve already pulled my fabrics so I’m feeling well and truly caught up since we’re still in June….

These blocks are destined to become a scrappy wonky log cabin. I’m looking forward to making it!
Nice to be back on schedule!
PS Linking in today with Pyjama Party Sunday. Pop on over & check out all the other great finishes this week.


  1. Oh – Kat! These blocks are so great! My first one was big, too … I was astonished as the single parts were not so huge 🙂 And I LOVE the word “play” – you did a great job on these!!!! I appreciate really your efforts and time you put in!

  2. OK- you’re one up on me. You made word blocks. So far I’ve just sat on my butt thinking “Mmmmm I’ll do those one day but they look too hard today”. Yours look wonderful!

    Love your blocks as well. You’re pretty darn talented I’d say.

    Sometimes life has a way of making sure you dont get to the things you want to . It’s no big deal. The only person you’re in competition with is yourself and i’;s OK if you dont win all the time …and it’s kind of pointless to beat yourself up about it too.

  3. These blocks are so different and yet all so amazing – you definitely have a talent for all that piecing. Love the blue pin wheel block.
    Enjoy playing with the log cabins.

  4. I love your word blocks, they look really really good. One day ‘m going to have to try them.
    In fact I love all your blocks, you definitely managed to achieve so much in such a short time.
    Thanks for joining in to PJ PS.

  5. Good on ya Kat, for getting all caught up on your Bees! The blocks look great – I want to try that free-piecing letters thing too. My favorite is your “Play” block!

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