Foto Finish…


    Through exploring the blog of one of my lovely regular readers/commenters Sue, I have been introduced to a new {to me} linky party…

    Since I just bought myself a fandangilly new camera I thought what a great thing to get involved in – it looks like so much fun! {you have to check out some of Sue’s submissions – she really cracks me up!}

    So here is my first weeks attempt. This weeks theme follows on in a series from previous weeks
    “Something Old…”
    “Something New…”
    “Something Borrowed…”

    Well I think you see where this is going… This weeks theme is “Something Blue”!

    So here is my entry:

    This photo isn’t actually taken with said fandangilly new camera! But as soon as I started thinking about something blue this photo is the first one that came to mind. I had to go hunting for it and I cannot believe that I took it in 2007!!!!!! Oh my where has that time gone?! It feels like yesterday that I was feeling a little green while watching these glorious creatures jump through the waves off the coast of Whakatane, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. What a great experience!

    You too can join in all the blue fun over at Cat Patches.

    (and how funny that I should join in the week that it’s my favourite colour featured!)

    Happy snapping

    PS Make sure you send me the link if you join in the fun & I’ll go take a squiz 🙂 xx


    1. What a cool shot Kat!!! Don’t you just want to jump into the water with ’em?

      And thanks for linking to my blog too :^). As usual, mine’s a bit different.

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