A few Statistics…


Do you ever check your blog statistics?

I do.
I find it quite facinating!

But at the same time it’s a little easy to get obsessed by them.
Much like it’s easy for me to get obsessed with all social media.

Before I left for my NZ holiday I was a little burnt out by it all.
…Blogging had become another thing that I had been striving to “do”. (Read: be successful at). I’m not going to lie – I love each and every time I get a new follower. And I am usually pretty unsuccessful at not taking it personally when one leaves. I love every comment I get. {Despite the fact that I’ve been terrible at leaving them myself recently!} And I do love seeing my blog statistics grow over time.

But before I left, and after this little break down, I recognized that I needed to take a serious step back from “social media” (aka my blog, flickr & facebook).
I no longer wanted to be ruled by my smart phone and “staying connected”.
And I was being pretty ruled!!
It had got to the stage that I was constantly checking my mail to see who had left comment on my blog or flickr or facebook…
if I woke up during the night and checked the time on my phone I just could not leave that little envelope at the top of my phone unopened. Then I could not get back to sleep through thinking (read stewing) about whatever I had just read.
Obsessive much?!

This of course had been taking my attention away from my husband and babies. And they deserve my full undivided attention and need to be prioritized as such! 

So heading on holiday was the perfect excuse to have a complete break from it all and focus back on what is important to me in my life!
My God. My husband. My Family. & Me.

And it was grand!
I felt free.
I no longer thought in status updates or blog posts.
I read an actual novel, rather than just face”book”.
I slept
(apart from the 8 nights I spent caring for sick children that is – but that’s a not-related issue 😉 )

I found out I didn’t actually care much to be connected so much online anymore.

Then the funniest thing happened!..
The day before returning to Australia I decided to “just out of interest” check my blog statistics.
…Usually my monthly visitors statistic sits around about the 2200 hits per month. {Give or take, but I don’t think I’ve ever gone over about 2800.}

Coming on to check after a 3 week blogging holiday I expected my statistics to be dismal.
– I mean no new posts has got to mean less people coming to read right?
Well no actually.
Somehow this good theory of mine was wrong!

I still can’t quite believe this, but when I checked that day my hits were approx 4300 (I forget the exact number).

What is with that!

I’m absent for almost a whole month and I not only have the most hits EVER in that period, but almost DOUBLE my normal monthly hits.
And they didn’t all come from one place. In fact it still isn’t clear to me why or how, because they seemed to come from here there and everywhere.
AND not only that but all the extra hits seemed to stop on the day that I was supposed to return to Australia (see above image).
Hmmmm…. Interesting…..
Can’t help but think there was a bug or something – but that’s beside the point really…

So what has this all taught me?

Well firstly that God can reveal himself in some pretty unusual places if he chooses 🙂

Secondly that it was SO right for me to take a step back and just be me.
It showed me that I am happiest when I am not on Facebook and when I keep this blog & my Flickr account just for me. And I certainly happiest when they don’t rule me and when I put things back in the order that they are meant to be!
And funnily enough that all can make me more of a “success” (if we’re going by figures here I mean).

Thirdly it taught me that I really want to go back more to my roots to when I first started this blog. I want to try less to think about who is reading what I write and how it will be perceived, instead staying more true to myself and the online diary that I want to keep.
Mostly I just want to write when I feel like it and about what I feel like not to a timeline that I can then not stick to…

And lastly this whole situation made me really grateful for my loyal readers!
This week I have been going through my blog reader refreshing my memory on which blogs I follow. Catching up on months worth of reading. Unfollowing some blogs I’ve been following for a long time and following some new ones (I still have some more to add).
In other words – re prioritizing my reader!

It has made me aware that my favourite blogs are those of people that I have a personal relationship with. The ones who make an effort to reply to comments that I leave (which gives me incentive to leave them) thereby generating a relationship. Blogs of people who I got to know first through their comments on my blog and personal emails that followed.
Those are the blogs I love. Those are the blogs that I’ve decided I’m going to invest the most in reading (and commenting).
And that’s also the kind of Blog I’d like to keep…

I consider myself SO lucky to have a bunch of really loyal readers.
Ones who comment.
Ones who I email privately.
Ones who I’ve never met, but I still consider important and cherished as friends.

That is you guys!!

Your comments and encouragement & the relationship I am growing with you truly do mean a lot!

Funny what statistics can teach you isn’t it? Mine taught me that they’re so far from being relevant to me (or my business) after all…
Not really the lesson I was anticipating.
Again – funny how God works!

What do your statistics say to you?

PS I really do promise that at SOME stage I will post pics of the wedding. Just still waiting for said pics 🙂


  1. Ummmm… I don’t know whether I should burst your bubble, you seem so happy with your wee lesson… but blogger stats seem to have had a bit of a bug at the time that you mention. I know others experienced it and I myself found that my hits supposedly doubled, with traffic coming mainly from 3 or 4 small blogs which had me on their blog roll. This massive increase was not shown on sitemeter. SORRY!

  2. To be honest I never check my stats…don’t know how but I blog for me anyway and the comments and connections I have made a just an added bonus!

    So glad that you are in a place now where you sound happy and relaxed…looking forward to catching up soon, maybe next week?


  3. Haha – burst away Tartankiwi! 🙂
    Thanks for letting me know because now it’s a case of mystery solved! – I thought it seemed extremely strange.
    Doesn’t really change anything to me to know that thought – it just reinforces the fact that they’re irrelevant to me and what I what to “achieve” by keeping a blog.
    As in – they don’t matter in the slightest because I’m keeping it for me… 🙂

  4. I’m with you on this. I check my stats too much BUT I have found that my biggest pleasure from my blog is for me – rereading old posts and liking that I have this online diary. Especially the posts about my family, not the sewing.

  5. Welcome to the world of the less-connected! LOL
    I think I may be the only one of my friends/family who does NOT carry a cell phone. I do check my emails several times a day, at least when I’m at work & play games on Facebook way too much….but a couple weeks ago, when my sister was here & we went to Arizona to see Dad, we went computerless for 3 days – and we LIVED!!! LOL
    I don’t think I’ve ever looked at my blog stats, other than noticing how many followers I have (oooh, I’m up to 25!). I just blog what I feel like, when I want. No stress, just fun!
    ((((hugs to you!)))))

  6. Thanks for sharing that post….we all need to remember why we began our little corners of the world…different for each and certainly not to compete I am guessing.
    I have favourites and what makes my favourite list is the feeling that I have connected to them on some personal level.
    Looking forward to seeing where you take your piece of the world.

  7. I do look at my stats, and where my visitors come from – it’s so cool! So glad you had the opportunity to reevaluate what you want from blogging and crafting so you can get to a happy place for you and your family, Kat!

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