Bored easily…


So it’s not secret that I get bored easily!…
As a result I have decided to revamp my blog in align with my new bloggy direction

{I had thought that the look I had designed for me would grow on me, but unfortunately after 6 months of waiting I’m thinking it wasn’t gonna! I thought I’d like it, I really did! But it just wasn’t me – so I have decided to ditch the “cutesy” and try a more “me” approach}

If you’re reading this in a reader then this is what my “diary” now looks like…

Special thanks to my Make Mine Modern Swap partner Megan
for making me these cool magnets!

Much more clean and fresh…
Much more Me!

Decided I like all the stuff down the left better too.
Hopefully it works just as much for you guys!

Do you ever do that – try something new for a while thinking that it will grow on you, but ending up more or less back where you started?


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