Totally worth the wait!!!!!!


    I have wanted a new camera for the LONGEST time! Pre having children I used to have a really nice Canon SLR, but unfortunately when I gave up {paid} work and we moved to Australia I had to give it back – because it was a business lease. The only thing I had to replace it was a little point and shoot camera. Lovely and light when out and about, but far superior in terms of image quality to what I had… and we all know how hard it is to go backwards!!

    But alas, after 2 years of being patient, I have finally managed to convince my hubby it was time twist hubby’s arm hard enough and yesterday became the lucky owner of a Canon 550D… it is a “business expense” after all!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ย ย  So far I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I could do with a slightly more decent zoom lenseย  {that will definitely have to wait for more funds} but even with the fixed lense I have and the budget level zoom lense, it still takes a very nice photo!

    Now just to learn how to use it!! – that’s the tricky part ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Here is a selection of shots from my first play. At this stage I have not read any instructions, literally taken it out of the box, pointed and shooted. Light was fading fast and 2 children had hungry tummies, so time and patience was limited. Given all those facts I am SO impressed!
    My children are the most beautiful children in the world anyway (of course I may be just a little biased…) but I think you’ll agree that these shots make them look positively good enough to eat – dirty faces and all…

    Off to relearn how to take photos….


    1. I have camera envy plan was to purchase one overseas but was told no warranty in Aus plus better deals here…just need to save a little harder.
      Oh Yes very lovely children you have there. !

    2. Beautiful! It’s amazing how much better photo quality can be when you just have the right equipment. I hope I can have a “totally worth the wait!” day sometime soon as well!

    3. Woo Hoo- how exciting!!!!! Welcome to the Canon Club, it’s THE best investment- many happy snappy days ahead. And beautiful shots of the girls too, you certainly have the knack:-) xxx

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