Partying like a Princess…. A Project 52…


    Wow it’s been quiet here in the Flutter house hasn’t it?! Life has been busy, which has left very little time to sit at the computer. So lets see if I can catch you up a bit 🙂

    Last weeks Project 52 (apart from the obvious of getting my business live…) was to throw a birthday party for my soon to be 3 year old Hannah. Her actual birthday isn’t for another few weeks, but we threw the party for her this weekend so that Neil could be part of it…
    … Oh the chaos… Hannah has so many friends and we ended up having about 25-30 kids (55 or so people including adults) in our little backyard *gulp. But despite the space not being huge, everything went really well and everybody seemed to have a great time.

    The projects that I made for the day were:
    A pinata:

    It doesn’t look all that fancy but I definitely found this very therapeutic to make! A little bit here… a little bit there… it was a good distraction of everything else going on, and a chance to get my hands dirty doing something very brainless. Loved it! Inside I packed little zip lock snack size bags full of lollies – and that was the lolly portion of the kids party bags. Such an easy way to do it – there wasn’t a mayhem scramble when it fell down of who could get the most, it was simply 1 bag each and off they went happy.

    The decorations:

    The photo doesn’t really show the decorations that well, but they looked really awesome in our little area. I used my cutter to cut loads of light pink butterflies and my friend Debbie helped me string them on ribbon. Then I made some tissue paper fleur poms. Hannah loved them!!

    Miss “Cinderalla” enjoying her ice cream cake…

    My final project was the cake. That turned out to be a last minute affair and a 5pm dash to spotlight to get supplies… in the end I decided to go with a simple ice-cream cake. I had a silicone heart mould in the cupboard, so I simply filled it with vanilla ice cream & decorated it with some pink m&ms & jellybeans. Too easy! I have to say that it was far far from the prettiest cake that I’ve ever made which is why there is no picture perhaps LOL… (mental note to self – make sure you freeze it for longer before trying to decorate it next time & have it flop) – but it was the biggest hit ever – the kids loved their “cake” in a cone!!

    The last thing I did was make some bags of goodies & hang them in the trees out the front for a bit of a treasure hunt.
    The kids all seemed to have a great time – and Miss Hannah absolutely had a ball. It was made even more special for her by the fact that her Daddy was home to share the day.

    I definitely think that the key to the days success was planning & structure!! Without those ingredients then keeping all those kids busy in a small space could have easily turned ugly…

    Bit of a change of tune for my Project 52 this week, but it was good fun doing something a little different!


    1. You are such a clever lass!! Ice cream cake is a huge hit in our home too 🙂
      It was a fun morning and so lovely to share it with you.

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