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As I write this I am trying to ignore my 2 children “protesting” at being put to bed for their nap. Go to sleep children…. go to sleeeeeeeeppppppp……. you are getting vveeeerrryyyyy sleeeepppyyyyy….
Trouble is they are both too tired now that they won’t go to sleep. Grrrr….

Anyway I digress 😉

This week it has felt great to be back in front of my sewing machine again! I am behind in some other jobs, but it can’t all be done at once, and sometimes it’s nice to go back to doing the thinks you enjoy most don’t you reckon?!
…And what better thing to be sewing than some gorgeous handbags!!?? I have loved designing a bag for my Goodie bag swap partner! Here is my practice bag:

And the inside:

I’m very happy with how neatly it all came together! It looks even more awesome in real life. It is now listed in my shop if you are interested…

Unfortunately the real deal didn’t come together quite as nicely, because I changed how I pulled it through and now the top is a big wavey. Big boo hoo!! Am I the only one that does this – perfect it on the practice and then stuff up the real thing?! … Luckily I think it can be suitably fixed… I’m going to put a magnetic clasp in the middle and a covered button over the top. – I look forward to showing you that one once my swap partner has received it – if she saw that fabric she would totally figure out it was for her I’m sure, and we can’t have that can we…

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and nope… children still not asleep *sigh…


  1. OOO loving it! I made a bag this week too, so your post was one of the first I landed on from the great new creative space blog! Like you I used an edging piece for the lining – I think it looks so much more professional… and I didn’t skimp on the top stitching either – it can make or break a handmade item!

    Have a great day!

  2. Love your practice bag – very cool!
    I think kids just intrinsically KNOW when we are going to do something while they are supposed to be sleeping. It’s always when I have something planned that they inevitably decide not to nap. Hope this week you get more time for creating 🙂
    S x

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