{Thursday} tidbits


    ** YAY I’m back online finally after 5 days without phone or internet!!

    ** Praise the Lord! Because I was starting to go a little stir crazy…

    **  OK a LOT crazy!!! – It’s pretty hard to work on the website for my “ecommerce” business if I don’t have the internet – OR a phone for that matter. Sheesh what a week!

    **  Did you miss me or notice that I was rather quiet for the last week?

    **  In the meantime I’ve also been having major headaches with my flights to NZ being rescheduled to totally inappropriate times and having to sort this out with no working phone – AAAAAHHHHH!!

    **  It took me hours on the phone (my brothers) trying to change my flights to more suitable times, dealing with very a very inflexible airline to fix this mistake….

    **  This is because they quoted me how much it would cost me to change and I said ok. They then went ahead and cancelled my original flight to reschedule it to the new one, THEN rung me back to tell me that they had made a mistake and it would be more expensive than they originally said. Like $200 more!! They then expected ME to foot this extra$200 bill, even though I never would have let them cancel my flight in the first place if they told me the correct amount in the beginning….

    **  I’m sorry Qantas that is not how the world works – you make the mistake then you suck it up and foot the loss, you do not expect the customer to pay for it!!

    **  Needless to say I have now {after 5 hours on the phone with them jumping through hoops and trying to get them to be reasonable about the situation} chosen to fly with a different airline for that leg of the journey on PRINCIPLE… and because quite frankly I do not have the time to waste right now reporting them to the ombudsman in order to get my money back…

    **  Note to self: do not use Qantas next time!!

    **  Did I mention that I woke up with a cold this morning as well?!

    **  Great week huh!!

    **  On a positive note, all my labels and clothing tags arrived yesterday and look AMAZING!!

    **  I can’t believe I “have my own clothing label”… how cool is that!! LOL…

    **  I also had a professional photo shoot last week of my products by my wonderful friend Rachel from Peach Woods Photography. I’m just sorting them now, although Blogger won’t let me upload pictures tonight for some reason so I can’t even give you a sneak peak…

    **  Even though I am now a week behind thanks to my phone provider, I am not discouraged and am still on track for the grand unveiling next Friday.

    **  Yay!!

    Hope your week has been a little better than mine!! I’ve had a few bad weeks this year, but I think that one might be up there at the top.


    1. Yes, I did miss you this week!!!
      My phone & internet was down for over a week last year. Went thru’ the whole automated ‘checking the line’ routine, then the same w/ their tech guy. He told me that it MUST be MY wiring (which I pay for coverage on) & that the 1st available appt was in a week…etc. When the REAL repair guy came, he determined that not only was it NOT in MY wiring, it was in their OFFICE!!!! Sheesh. He had it straightened out in a jiff. Then, when I called billing to get credited, she was very nice & not only gave me the credit, but also cut the price of my internet service $5/month for a year!
      Sorry to hear Qantas gave you such a hard time. I hope your new flight/airline takes excellent care of you!
      Congrats on your new labels & tags!
      Hope the next week is all smooth sailing for you!

    2. Welcome back, glad you have your internet/phone back on. Congratulations on your clothing label, it certainly is very cool!

      And that’s another reason to add to why I won’t ever fly Qantas again!

    3. My how I have missed popping by here to visit you….I was saying to Megs last night you had been awfully quiet 🙂
      Looks like things are starting to turn around for you with your business…am so very happy for you and hope this coming week is a much kinder one for you.

    4. Oh i just found you, so glad you’re back on line, hello. Sounds like you have tonnes going on, enjoy that trip home, nothing like getting on the plane & you can’t worry about a thing you left behind or have to do at home. Love a good holiday, love Posie

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