Project 52 – Inspiration Vinyl Wall Art


    Hello & welcome to another Project 52 Show & Tell.

    I already gave you a little taste yesterday of what my Project 52 was this week… I wanted to get some vinyl wall art nailed! This job (like many others) has been mooching around on my to-do list for far too long, and I needed to get some progress made on them so that I could relax a little!

    I’m pleased to report that persistence has paid off. Not only did I successfully design a number of quotes for my business, but I also cut a number for around my home too – and I must say that I am already SO IN LOVE WITH THEM!
    – Not only do they pretty up the place a bit, but they are really having a great effect on my spirit too. I’m such a visual person, so having these around as a constant reminder of where I want my spirit headed, is having such a profound effect on me!

    Anyway without further ado, here they are:
    (PS I just downloaded a new photo ap on my phone today, so just humour me with these crazy vintage shots – It was a good way to make night shots a little more good looking – that’s my excuse & I’m sticking to it! ;P)

    In my dining room…

    On my bathroom mirror – a little difficult to photograph!…
    On the wall opposite our bed…

    These are just the few I’ve cut because that last one took a lot longer than I anticipated… It is really big (15 x 22 inches) and the font didn’t cut very well. For some reason the e’s, o’s and i’s just didn’t want to come away easy. Of course it would be the most common letters in the alphabet that played up!

    But anyway the fact that it took me fiddling around for ages doesn’t matter, because did I mention how much I LOVE them? (and boy did I learn a lot in the process – like don’t use that font again! – which is what it’s all about).
    – Oh why did I put off making these and procrastinate so?!

    By the way – what are your favourite sayings that you think would make great wall art?


    1. What wonderful sayings and they look great!! I’m trying to think of a saying, I must know some… but my mind has gone blank. if I think of something I think you’ll like I’ll let you know 🙂

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