Modern swap & project 52 updates…

Happy Easter everyone!! 

As I write this I have just started to hear fireworks popping in the background… shame I didn’t remember that they were on 10 minutes ago, because I could have driven to the beach to watch them…. But anyhow, I will talk to you lovely people instead 🙂

Before I begin I apologize if this post makes no sense in some places – I have taken mind altering drugs tonight… and by that I mean cold & flu tablets – they make me go completely out of it. I already learnt today that it’s not a good idea to operate a gas stove while “under the influence” but that’s another story LOL… Plus I am watching “so you think you can dance” while I write this, so I may be a little side tracked…

Anyway I got an email from my modern swap partner Julie, (flickr name Relish Australia) on Thursday to say thank you for the swap parcel that I sent her and that she loved it. PHEW!! It was a bit of an anxious wait this week I can tell you, because I knew that she recieved it last Thursday thanks to registered mail, but I hadn’t heard anything from her yet. After a week without hearing I was starting to get a bit anxious that she didn’t like it or anything – eeek!! But as it happened her well-meaning husband had picked it up from the post office for her and forgotten about it in his car for a week. Ooops!!!! I’m so thankful my fears were not realized and that she loved what I sent!!

This is what I sent her:

Sewing machine cover, 6.5 inch square ruler, tea, wrist pin cushion, fabric & card

The sewing machine cover reads “Relish the good times {and sew through the bad}”… Now you know why I couldn’t reveal it before now – because my partner’s name on Flickr is Relish Australia, and she makes no secret about loving tea.

Here is the finished back which I showed you previously before it was quilted:

Julie mentioned that she loved bright fabrics on white & the scrappy look, so that’s what I was going for…

As for my Project 52 this week…

… You would think that since I had 5 days without internet that I’d have plenty of time to sew right? Wrong!! I haven’t sewn a thing in a couple of weeks now. – Possibly part of the reason that my kids have seen a bit more “grumpy mumma” recently. A lot of it has been lack of inspiration to sew, and exhaustion. But I’ve also been flat out with work. Last week I spent all of my sewing time finalizing designs for my t-shirts and making all of my samples for my photo shoot last Friday.

This week I have spent all my time working on my website. I have to say that I am loving how it is looking!!
Still a LOT to do before Friday, but it’s definitely taking shape and I’m finally starting to see the fruits of all those late nights working…
Wanna sneak peak?
Haha – silly question right?!… – here is a peak at how it’s looking right now:

What do you think? I will post the link on Friday when it is all finished and I go live so that you can check out the real thing….

Right better go hit the sack. Hopefully this blog hasn’t read too crazy, because I can just not stand to proof read tonight.


  1. The sewing machine cover is lovely! And terrific goodies to go with – no wonder your swap partner loved it. Great saying on the cover too – may I borrow it?

    The sneak peek of your website looks terrific! Gorgeous pictures & all.

    You did a good job on the post, drugs & all!!!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. What a gorgeous swap parcel you sent 🙂 I entered my first swap this week for a cushion cover….am nervous excited about it and have not received my partner yet. May have to pick your brains about how these things work 🙂
    How clever are you getting work on your site done.

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