$$$ Matters – Monthly Review


    Well it’s the first week of the month, and a month since I did this post, and I need to do a review of how we’ve done financially for the month… so – in the interests of practicing what I preach teach and all that I thought I’d bravely share. Therefore…

    … here is my review:

    I started off slow this month, but as my good friend tells me – it’s not how you start but how you finish! And she is quite right!
    During my $$$ Matters series I revamped my whole budget/plan and we figured out what we want to achieve this year – this is mostly to just keep our heads above water while Neil finishes his apprenticeship (because he’ll have a lot of study breaks later in the year…).
    Since that’s pretty much our only goal, I’m sure you can figure out that I was incredibly inspired to get started and make some changes as soon as possible to work towards this exciting goal reality. Hmmm… yippee!!

    But after I stopped dragging my feet and accept reality got going and did eventually make a start, I’m pleased to report that just like everything I procrastinate with, it really wasn’t that bad (much) and I have made some really positive changes:

    I have switched exclusively to online shopping – not only has this helped my enjoyment of shopping because it sure beats dragging 2 unwilling children around the supermarket and lugging them & my copious amounts of shopping back to the car!! (can you instead say grocery shopping while lying on your bed eating chocolate and drinking wine?! while the children nap…) But apart for that side benefit, it has been a huge money saver.
    – HUGE huge
    like $120-150 per week huge!

    … Amazing what happens when you do a meal plan, shop from a list, can see all the price comparisons right there in front of your eyes and don’t have scrummy tempting items or “specials” jumping into your trolley at every turn. And all for a $5 delivery charge. Gotta love it!!

    **  (Side note – I have recently switched to Woolworths from Coles now that they are delivery to my area, and Coles are now sending me $10 credit emails to entice me back – so hello more benefit to online shopping!! – I say fight over me all you want big guys, as I will happily have your free credit to swap between you!!)

    I have made more of an effort in the kitchen – that means less bought lunches, convenience dinners and takeaways and more home cooked, healthy meals. My biggest downfalls are usually because of lack of planning and therefore having to resort to a last minute dash to the local ($50 later…), so I have been making a big effort to over come this and be more prepared. That has included making a picnic when we go out instead of buying food & drink (Easily $50 per time):

    Using what’s in the cupboards and making something to take along when we go on playdates, and making sure I take enough food & drink for everyone when we go out.

    I managed to save $1000 on our flights to NZ –  Ok that was sheer luck an answer to prayer – but it as it was $1000 we didn’t even have and it made me feel really good I feel it’s worth a mention!! – Thank you God!!

    I have been very self restrained and not made any online fabric orders – and apart from a few locally bought necessities (they really were – honest!) I have not purchased any fabric this month. On Saturday I even went to my favourite local fabric shop – if you count 1 hour away as local – (although probably just as well it is that far away don’t you think!!) and despite picking up a zillion things and contemplating buying some of them I stood strong and came out empty handed – ** big pat on back for me… that took self restraint which I don’t usually have!!

    I have not been buying junk food –  That has been a big saving – and no doubt will have the double benefit of being good for my figure & teeth too!!

    I’ve been trying to do free family activities – rather than going places which has included saving petrol as well as as the cost of the activity. It’s been fun.

    And the icing on the cake of my goodness: This week I started with $60 cash in my wallet and money in my everyday account available to me. Well I can’t quite believe that I (big spender of the year) have achieved it, but after a week I still have the same $60 cash in my wallet and the same balance of my everyday bank balance. I EVEN put $80 extra over to my credit card when I did the groceries, which I thought might leave me short – but it sooo didn’t – I didn’t even need to touch the money I did have…
    I cannot tell you the last time I had a week where I didn’t spend a cent over and above my groceries!!! – Ummm…. let me try and think about that for a minute – I’d say NEVER!! It really feels good to have achieved it!

    So in conclusion – a slow start, but a good great finish!

    Ching Ching!!

    Here’s to another good month next month.
    – lets see if I can actually keep these new things going, add to them and actually form some new habits

    How did you go this month? Did you meet/exceed your goals?


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