oh Hannah…


    … It’s been an eventful couple of days here in the Flutter house!! Let me set the scene for you and explain the events leading up to today… (Sorry another long post!)

    It’s no secret that I’ve been a bit over mothering recently… in fact tired & worn out may be a little of an understatement! A large part of that (ok a seriously HUGE part of that) is Hannah’s little “habit” of throwing a tantrum… or two… or three… She throws them regularly and in quite a spectacular style and after a while it wears me down! They never work – as in she never gets what she wants – and thankfully any tantrum phase is usually short lived because of that. But unfortunately, with the stress of recent toilet training and her dad returning temporarily to working away, these spectacular tantrums have become increasingly regular. Ok that’s probably a total understatement as well – but enough said!

    This week I decided that drastic behaviour called for drastic action!!

    Inspired by one of my lovely friends Gemma, I decided that since Hannah’s behaviour has deteriorated so magnificently, it was time for some major changes… As well as stress and some major life changes, I’m pretty sure a big part of her problem is over stimulation. I’m sure Hannah has so many toys out that she finds it hard to focus and therefore gets bored and destructive. So yesterday, while Hannah went on a daddy date to playgroup, and later while she slept off a tantrum:

    Apparently the floor was much more comfortable yesterday!

    I began “decluttering”…
    Our house is now looking VERY empty of toys and our shed is now looking like this:


    All toys from inside and out, except for the bear minimum, have all been taken away and now reside in our shed. (I have to say I’m enjoying the lack of mess and the extra space!)


    I’ve decided that from now on our house will operate like a toy library. Once a week I will put this weeks toys away and pull out another couple of options from the shed to replace them in the hope of combating the over stimulation.

    But the changes aren’t all going to be Hannah’s – I’m also going to make changes! I’ll try and spend more time with her doing more one on one activities. Now that she’s older I need to make more of an effort to teach her to play at the next level. Pretend play, baking, drawing, craft… etc… I will try and do at least one long, focused activity (as well as the more general playing) with her on the mornings when we don’t go to playgroup or mothers group and also encourage her to help me with things like chores, so that we can spend some more quality time together.

    So watch out folks – because you’ll need to help me… You’ll find out how you can next week!

    Ok, so that’s it for the Hannah excitement for now we thought after a long days work yesterday – and Neil & I went out to enjoy some 1 on 1 time together:

    But nope – we were wrong… Not the end of the Hannah excitement!

    Today was the end of Neil’s R & R (Rest & Relaxation week) and he was scheduled to fly this afternoon. Hannah wasn’t aware of this – we made sure if it to avoid any meltdowns! – We were planning on telling her today at lunch time, a few hours before he had to depart to the airport. So this is how I know that the following actions can’t have been planned (because truly she is a smart girl and I wouldn’t put anything past her!)…

    This morning she found the outside cover of a Dorothy the dinosaur (her favourite character) bean bag in my sewing drawer. I had never got around to putting the beans in it and had decided to maybe sew something with it instead. Anyway we had some beans in the shed so we thought “what the hell” and decided to transfer the beans into it… We transferred them, cleaned up the mess (so we thought) and went on with our morning…

    Cue about 10 minutes later I hear my brother say to Hannah “Hannah what have you got? Did you just put that up your nose?”… Just what every mother wants to hear while she is getting dressed from her shower (on one of the rare occasions that she doesn’t have both children in the bathroom with her while she gets ready)!!!

    So cut a long story short Hannah did in fact “save” a few of the beans when we were tidying up and put one up her nose… which resulted in her 6th trip in her 2 3/4 years to the emergency department (yes that’s right – I said 6!!)

    After a couple of failed attempts trying to retrieve the bean, and lots of scary talk about sending us to the main Perth children’s hospital for general sedation from the specialist team (because of Hannah’s history of respiratory problems they won’t consider sedating her anywhere else but in case they encounter respiratory problems – scary!!) the very nice doctor decided to try one last time with a catheter. I am SO pleased to report that he (and the 2 nurses plus me it took to hold Hannah down) were successful and the bean was safely removed.

    Hopefully the experience was traumatic enough for her (because it certainly was for me) to avoid a repeat performance!!

    So as a treat (for surviving hospital AGAIN!) we took her to get her first hairdresser haircut:


    She loved every minute of the beautifying process! They even gave her a bright pink cover – the hairdresser sure knew the way to a 2 year old girls heart !!

    The only benefit to this situation is that Neil’s supervisor rescheduled him to a Monday flight because Neil rung him to let him know that he may not be able to make his flight. So thanks to all the drama we get to spend another 3 mornings enjoying this:

    YAY!!! At least there’s some benefit right?!

    PS I have my Project 52 finished but I might have to post about that tomorrow…


    1. Oh Kat …life would be so quiet and dull without little ones to keep you on your toes…good plan with the toys too.
      Lets hope these next few weeks go quickly for you to then be on holidays.

    2. My gosh, that is a little full on! I am really glad that they got it out, still finding it difficult to imagine exactly how they extracted it, but hey, thank goodness we have experts who know how to deal with these things!

      I hope she (and more importantly YOU) are coping ok now that Neil is back on shift, especially after the hectic day you had! I’m thinking of you, and remember to give me a shout if you need a hand or a break or anything else!


    3. Phew! Breathe! Kat, what a day/week/month!!! Oh motherhood, you gotta laugh, right? Or cry?!
      I have found having the toys in the shed has really helped us. I too started with a ‘toy library’ idea and made them put what was out away before asking for anything else to come out. To my delight, before long they simply forgot what was in there and stopped asking, out of sight, out of mind…so let’s just say the salvo bins may be a little full sometime soon!! Gotta love a good clean out:-) Chin up beautiful mama, you are doing an amazing job and His grace is certainly sufficient! Xxx

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