My week at a glance…


    This week I tried to have a bit of a break from blogging (did you notice). I needed to have a week to focus on other things, but I still have so much to tell – so please excuse the big jumble all in together…

    Oh what a week what a week… full of highs, but generally dominated by lows… partly due to exhaustion I think – week 3 of Neil being away is always the worst!! Exhaustion rules, and his homecoming is still that bit too far away to get excited about. Anyway here is my week in a nutshell – I’ll try to be brief (but we all know how great I am at that LOL…)

    ** Successfully moving the girls in to the same bedroom so that I could have mine back
    **  The extra space to myself and sleep that this move has allowed – last night I got 9 hours in bed asleep – I’d forgotten that was possible!!!!!!


    **  The energy slump that said extra sleep put me in… – it was a bit of a shock to the system going from 5-6 hours a night to 8 again. I guess it will take me a while to catch up…

    **  Having a clean out of baby stuff no longer required (I love clearing clutter) and successfully selling some of it (yay for extra money). This is a really bad photo of about half of it – I still wonder how one tiny baby “needs” so much stuff…


    **  Having a clean out of baby stuff no longer required. Yes I know that’s a repeat – but it’s the end of an era and it’s bittersweet to know that no more babies will come to this house…

    ** Awesome weather.
    **  A special Family Friday Fun night
    **  Another fun family event together yesterday at Mandurah Crab Festival where we saw, among other cool things, the biggest, most spectacular sand castle I’d ever seen…


    **  A couple of breaks in routine meaning a weekend of overtired, grumpy children and resulting in a grumpy mummy

    ** My long awaited fabric finally arrived… Hello yumminess!!!

    Yay for scrap packs!! – Now I can finally get started on my project for my modern swap partner… May be able to get started on that tomorrow…


    ** Knowing that I have no more excuses not to start my modern swap partners project and a couple more projects – lots of work on the to do list… (at least it’s fun work).

    **  Surviving a week of toilet training Hannah – just. This was her reward tonight for 7 days in a row wearing knickers

    Dorothy the Dinosaur (from the Wiggles) for all those who don’t know. Notice also the Dorothy pyjamas… Hannah is a big Dorothy fan!! The big Dorothy has been sitting on top of our fridge since about last August egging Hannah on to use the toilet. So Hannah is one happy girl for being able to take her to bed to cuddle tonight!! – And she is very deserving too – she has come a long way in a week overcoming her fear of not wearing a nappy!!


    **  Toilet training Hannah. Oh what a stressful and exhausting thing… She is doing really well at home – but is still petrified of using any other toilet other than ours *sigh… I know we will get there but it is an exhausting process.

    The Low:
    **  Spending most of the week in a creative slump. Wondering what I was doing biting off so much and second guessing myself.


    The High:
    ** Getting back on the horse… Nothing like needing a present at short notice to get a girl back creating – This project, and the awesome encouragement from valued friends at the party, was just the boost I needed to getting me back on the horse…
    A birthday t.shirt for Hannah’s friend Princess Anna.

    How cool does my new label look? That is one of the samples – I’m still waiting for the real ones to arrive…

    And some photo gift samples made and ready to photograph for my website. I have been putting off and putting off making these – so I’m SO pleased to have finally got over my slump and completed them. Yay me!!

    A pencil case, a make up bag/pencil case, a ladies wallet, an oven mitt, a metal keyring, a mirror compact, a jigsaw puzzle, 3 different shaped dogtags and a bag tag. Yay for me!! 

    The major lows (which kind of dominated my week) and to which there are no highs:
    **  Being haunted my mice in my house ICK ICK and double ICK!! More specifically in my wardrobe keeping me (and my dog) awake at night. $50 later and we are armed with more traps (the 3rd kind we’ve tried), more poison (the second kind we’ve tried) and even a plug in the wall magnetic field, sonic thingamy whatsit… I figure now we have all bases covered. – Nice and all living across the road from a lake/bird sanctuary – but it sure has it’s disadvantages too!!

    **  Taking Abbie to the doctor last Sunday and having to have some blood tests done on her to test her for a liver condition that Neil has, because she is regularly very jaundiced. I’m sure every mother can relate to the anxiety I felt as I waited for her results. Unfortunately we are still not sure either way. They came back showing that she was anemic for some reason, but that her liver function was good. However, the doctor is still not convinced that she doesn’t have the condition and wants to repeat the tests in another 6-8 weeks and now run more to see why she is anemic when she eats very well. So yet more anxious waiting *sigh…

    **  Watching the devastation unfold in Japan. There are no words… it is simply heartbreaking!

    Here’s to a more stable week this week!


    1. Congratulations to Hannah! Way to go sweetie!

      Hang in there Kat. How fun to get such a great package of goodies. And your new label & samples look terrific.

      Have a great week!!

    2. Love the label – how professional and lovely will your products look!
      Sorry to hear you are having a sucky week. Isn’t it great that there’s always a new day to look forward to?!

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