Bee Blocking out….


Well progress on my modern swap sewing machine cover has been slower than anticipated… I kind of got a little side track with making my bee blocks… ooops!!

So these are the results:

March block for Rachel of Sew & Bee-Happy:

Rachel requested this block in red, yellow and brown, with cream sashings. Well I had a tiny bit of yellow and brown suitable… so a little shopping was required 🙂
This block was harder than I anticipated – my poor brain didn’t cope well with trying to be wonky and working it out as I went along. But I like the results. I’m thinking that a whole quilt like this will look pretty great!!

March blocks for Lucinda of Bits & Pieces bee:

Lucinda gave us free reign (oh my!!) to do whatever we wanted. The only stipulations were a finished size of 12.5 inches square and she requested the colours white, yellow and grey…
Um, challenge – I think so!! Firstly I don’t do “free reign” very well – secondly I just gave away my only grey a few days before her brief, and my yellow was minimal – doh… more shopping required 🙂 (so much for my fabric diet!!)

So I had a play for her last night and this is what I started with… I’m kind of going through a pin wheel fetish at the moment so I wanted to give a big one of those a go:

…But I wasn’t happy with it…
       … I didn’t feel like the pin wheel stood out enough, it was a bit too simplistic since I did my strips too wide and I also thought it lacked “depth” – but didn’t quite know how to fix it *sigh. So I set it aside and started on my second block:

Much better!! – I really like this one…

… But what to do about the first?… I briefly contemplated unpicking and adding a dark grey stripe in the middle of each one to bring out the pinwheel more – but since I don’t really “do” unpicking that idea quickly got discarded. In hindsight I probably should have run with it because option 2 turned out to be a lot more work…

After much humming and harring this is what I ended up with:

I trimmed my big pin wheel down and had a go at setting it “on point” with a thin yellow border just to add a bit more interest. I’ve never set anything on point before and I really like it!! But I still wasn’t happy with it the block after just doing this – the pinwheel still got lost a bit. So in the end I decided to zigzag in dark grey around the pinwheel. I think it looks ok now. A bit more interesting than it started anyway…

Ever have one of those sessions that don’t go right from the beginning – well this block was that for me – I felt like flinging it out the window by the end of it –  I almost had a tragedy when doing the final press though when I almost melted my (thought to be cotton – oops) thread and had to resew 2 of the lines again DOH! I was sure it was cotton thread!!
So fingers crossed Lucinda likes it after all that drama 🙂

Here they are together:

Now I’m need to finish the label on my dolls quilt so that I can get that sent… I will get there modern swap partner – honest I will…

In the meantime I smell a baby that needs my attention – just thought you might all like to know that 😉
Back to my glamorous real life…