Bee Blocking in…


January was my month for bits and pieces bee
I was at a bit of a loss in the beginning as to what to do for my month, but I eventually decided to get the very talented ladies to make me some colourful log cabin blocks, in the same style as my quilt as you go quilt. I’ve decided to (eventually) make myself another quilt as you go quilt but in bright colours – since pink was banned for the last one by hubby – so this one will be the “hers” version for when he’s away and I can pink up the bedroom to my hearts content – There has got to be some perks! LOL…
My friends in the bee did SUCH an awesome job that I’m thinking they might get the same brief again for my next turn later in the year… otherwise it might take me 500 years to finish (with all the spare time I have 😉 )

Mel’s blocks:

Rachel’s blocks:

Lucinda’s blocks:

I had to laugh when I saw Lucinda’s blocks… notice the saying included in one of them:

“Hey good lookin, what you got cookin?” – one of Neil & my little sayings we say to each other all the time – just hilarious that Lucinda would put that saying of all sayings in!! – Meant to be!!

Mona’s blocks:

 Sarah’s blocks:

Aren’t they so great? Here they are all together…

I suppose I’d better get cracking and make my 2 to fill the holes now hey…

But how blessed am I to have such awesome bee friends!


  1. Hello Kat! Vow – I like so so much these blocks! They will become the most wonderful quilt for you to enjoy! I love all the farbrics and colours mixed and the log cabin is always really good! Wishes from Teje

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