Bee Blocking in… Part 2…


After I did yesterday’s post on my bits and pieces bee… blocks, it occured to me that I have had some other bee blocks arrive that I haven’t yet blogged about so I thought I better show you those too…

My month for Sew & Bee-Happy was last November. But given the time of year some of the blocks didn’t arrive until after the new year, so that’s why I showed you some but not others. 
The brief for my November blocks was for the ladies to make eye-spy wonky houses. They could make them whatever size they wanted, and use whatever colours, but I wanted them to include some stuff to spy with my kids and I also requested that they made it something symbolic of where they lived.

These are some that I got back:

Molly’s block:

Tracy’s block:

Leona’s block:

Henny’s block:

Gwen’s block:

Rachel’s block:

You can see the rest of the blocks close up here… and here…

And here they are all together:

There were a couple of extra blocks sent too, but I couldn’t fit them in the picture so you’ll have to wait to see those 😉

All the ladies were all superduper creative and my girls and I love them all – Hannah especially loves the princess ones and the santa ones – are we surprised much?!!! LOL…

My plan for these blocks was for me to make a play mat for my girls with roads amd stuff. Sounds great in my head but I’ve no idea how or when I’m going to make that happen – now the challenge will be to get it done before they’re too old for such an idea LOL… Realistically I think I might aim to get it done for their main Christmas present this year…