Project 52 – Week 6: Show & Tell Friday {on a Saturday}


    Hi Everyone

    So yip, um… if you are following my Project 52 progress you will know that I’m a day late in posting for “show & tell Friday” this week… There’re two excuses reasons for this….

    1) Firstly Neil came home last night after 4 weeks away – woo hoo!!!
    **  Exciting = much!!
    **  A lot of extra work preparing for the week coming week of total break from routine & work – MUCH!!
      …This week has been mega. MEGA MEGA really… Since I’m right at a crucial moment in setting up Flutter I couldn’t really afford to take a week off to spend time with Neil while he’s home without pulling out some serious stops. As a result I had to try & cram 2 weeks of work into the last week. Sheesh!! As if it’s not hard enough to try & fit it around being a full time mum as it is… After pulling some 18-19 hour days I think I just about got there… the house is intact… the kids are intact… I’ve pretty much got everything ordered that I really needed to to meet my deadlines, & my sanity is still intact (just LOL…). I really couldn’t have done it without the help of my live-in brother!! He recently moved over to Perth & is living with us while he’s getting his feet on the ground. So he’s been a bit of a live in chef this week – one less thing for me to do & boy I’m grateful!!

    2) All that work left me with no time to play again… boo hisss!!… (these last couple of project 52’s sure have been exciting huh LOL…) instead I’ve been doing lots of boring necessary business & bloggy stuff in preparation for fun stuff to come… e.g.
    ** Finalised logos & branding
    ** Designed new name & look for blog
    ** Organised Blog Etiquette week
    ** Finalised more or less all of my wholesalers & making stock or sample orders
    ** Chased up my insurance
    ** Designed & ordered business cards
    ** Fixed website domain forwarding thingy & worked on my website

    … Apologies for all the boring list stuff – it’s all purely for my benefit to remind me that I HAVE actually achieved something this week… I tend to forget that since I’ve got nothing much to show for it yet – otherwise I find it a bit disheartening when I feel like I’ve been working so hard but can’t see any results… The results will be obvious in a week or two though!

    It has been stressing me out all week that I wasn’t going to have anything for my Project 52… So I’m going to cheat and  claim my sewing bee last night for my Project 52 🙂

    Last November I decided to organise I local sewing bee – Sew Bee-Inspired. Most of my sewing bee stuff happens “virtually” – so I decided that it was high time to organise I local group of lovely sewing buddies & have some time out together getting our craft on. I’m so glad I did, we have such a great time & they are SO inspiring!!  Last night was our 3rd event – & the first “official” one. We have the evenings every 4 weeks, and from last night onwards each one will have a teaching slot. A couple of the girls wanted to learn quilting – so last night I taught them some of the basics for the first official teaching slot.

    Here’s our set up (although most of the girls aren’t in the picture – I think there were 8 of us last night):


    Yay for our church letting us use such an AWESOME room!!

    Anyway so that’s my “something new” this week – I mustered up the courage to teach in a somewhat official setting. I even planned what I was going to say ahead of time *shock horror!!
    I think I did ok. I was pretty darn exhausted but that was ok – mostly I was pretty darn distracted because I was preoccupied about the fact that I was picking Neil up at 10pm lol… but I don’t think I missed too much out that I had planned to show them.

    How did you guys go with your projects?


    1. Hooray for your hubby being home! Sounds like you were REALLY busy this week. My week was spent hunting down boxes (I’ve never had this much trouble before) and packing packing packing. Oh the excitement! 🙂

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