Project 52 – Week 5: To see it is to believe it…


    Ok ok – so I totally know that those of you who read my last weeks post are going to kill yourselves laughing at me… go ahead… I almost don’t believe it myself lol…

    Umm… so this week for my Project 52 I kind of continued to learn the art of sublimation…  LOL…

    Let me explain…
    You remember I was having problems with my printer not printing the colour correctly right? Well I spent some time on Monday skyping to my very helpful supplier supplier & sorting those issues out. I mean it had to be done! Basically my computer hadn’t saved the correct settings for some reason so I was doing it all wrong. Easily fixed!!
    Obviously after it was all fixed my support technician wanted me to print something out to test it. So I print them out, we see that they’re all looking a lot better and then I just carry on with my week with the good knowledge that my printer is now all working dandy. And I totally planned on leaving it at that!!!

    But the trouble is I’ve been sitting here all week with those test prints just sitting there STARING at me. As well as that I’ve had NO crafty time this week to complete anything for my Project 52 – I’ve been too busy doing other boring admin stuff and Friday has just snuck up. Boo hoo!!

    So what’s a girl to do?….
     …Heat press those darn test prints onto something for my Project 52 of course…

    The test prints I had I just heat pressed onto scrap fabric to practise with. But then I finally worked up some courage and pressed a photo on to one of my sample products they sent me.

    *Enter crazy jumping & shouting of “it worked… it WORKED!!”….

    I present to you one mousepad of my gorgeous Hannah. It sure as eggs beats the scummy piece of A4 paper that I have been using!!

    It seems so simple to look at – but I have to say that it did take a lot of behind the scenes technical stuff to get to a point where it could be simple (even if half of it was just in my head space)… I’m sure one day (hopefully soon) I’ll look back on my post here and think how stupid I was to be so intimidated by this process – but for now it still seems new & a bit daunting.
    … as a result I’m still not quite ready to try a money box or aluminium drinkbottle yet, which will actually be products that I will sell in my shop. – Those require a change of heat pad & also some supplies which I don’t yet have in my possession. That’s my excuse of why I’m not ready & I’m sticking to it LOL….

    How did you all go this week with your projects?

    PS… If you are a fellow blogger and you haven’t already, go and check out this post for information about a big feature week I have coming up.


    1. I love this Kat, it actually looks like an actual photo, such good quality.

      I have been somewhat slack with my project posting and this week have nothing whatsoever to show for my efforts 🙂

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