Bee Blocking…


Phew it’s got pretty heavy on here this last week or so, so as a bit of light relief I thought I’d show you some bee blocks that I’ve made recently. To be honest it’s about the only sewing I’ve done in a little while. Must remedy that!! …

This is my January block for Allie in Sew & Bee-Happy. She asked for a block using this tutorial, with bright colours and a scrappy look. When I saw this block I thought EEEK lots of points!! Also I’m not traditionally comfortable working in scrappy colour schemes with SO many colours so double EEEK!!!
In the beginning when I selected my fabrics I thought it was never going to work. But as always I should have had more faith. I love how the finished product looks…. A great choice for a bee block!!

The second block is for Leona, also in Sew & Bee-Happy. Her month is February. Leona asked for wonky stars in red & aqua with a grey or white background. We used this tutorial. This was a fun block to make. I don’t really think I did wonky very well though. I tried to a couple of times and both times ended up using my seam ripper because I didn’t leave enough room to flip them. Doh… It’s probably a bit more uniform than the others – but you know what – then it will just show it’s from me.
Hopefully she will like it anyway…

I do so love bees!! They give me the chance to try a whole bunch of new things without committing to a massive project. Not to mention the fantastic people you get to know along the way.

On a different note – by now I’m sure you all know about the massive flood that hit the East Coast of Australia and caused HUGE amounts of damage a few weeks ago. Well, as I write this a category 5 cyclone, said to be the biggest one to hit Australia in living memory, is about to hit the Queensland coast. PLEASE could you continue to pray for Queensland as they live through this second crazy force of nature in as many weeks. It is expected that this will be bigger than Hurricane Katrina. So please lets all pray it isn’t so!!

Many thanks!!


  1. Those look great!

    My prayers are with Queensland. Please also keep in mind everyone in the Eastern US that are getting hit with a massive snow and ice storm.

  2. Kat – I LOVE your patchwork, and it is making me pine for all the lovely projects I have waiting for me, but I really need to get a few more Project52 items done otherwise I’m afraid I will just be adding to mu UFO list! *sigh*

  3. Love your blocks Kat…I aspire to be able to do these one day.

    Am watching the cyclone update as we speak…and praying for their continued safety

  4. Your blocks are beautiful!Thanks for such a georgeous Wonky Star block! The fun part about the Bees and Swaps are that it really makes you think outside your box! Our prayers go out to the people of Queensland. They have been through so much!

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