Tuesday Tidbits….


    One of my virtual sewing bee buddies Lucinda does this most weeks over at her blog. I always enjoy reading it, so I thought I might give it a go myself. Thanks Lucinda for the inspiration!! – It really has helped cleanse my brain.

    So this is what is going on with me at the moment…

    **  Neil has resumed working away

    **  He flew away last Friday.

    **  It has been well over a year since he worked away last time.

    **  He is on a 4 week away, 1 week at home roster.

    **  It’s pretty sucky.

    **  I miss him, and do not like single parently 2 babies…

    **  Kudos to my single mummy friends – you guys are awesome – single parenting is hard!!

    **  Hannah is a big help.

    **  She cheers me up even in my darkest moments

    **  She talks to me CONSTANTLY – so it is not possible that I would ever feel alone…

    **  It is mostly nonsense talk – but talk none the less… I get to use up ALL my words…

    **   …  “look Mummy there’s the moon. It is a fat moon today. Watch, watch mummy – see it’s a fat moon?…  I don’t want a fat moon Mummy!  Mummy can you make the skinny moon come back?…”

    **  “I’m sorry Hannah, I can’t make the skinny moon come back – it will come back soon…”

    **  “Ok. Maybe on Friday then – after my sleep. Do you think it will come back by then Mummy…”

    **  “Ummmmmmmmmmmm….. “!!!!!?????!!!! …. “Look Hannah – can you see that big truck?”

    **  I recently got a speeding ticket.

    **  As a result of this said speeding ticket I have made myself proficient in using my cruise control

    **  That last post was specifically for my husband – see what I do for you – I learnt a gadget!!
          * Insert big cheesy I love you grin

    **  Abbie’s teeth are getting close

    **  This makes her grumpy

    **  This makes ME grumpy

    **  Hannah keeps waking up sometime in the 5ams

    **  This wakes me and Abbie up

    **  This does not help the grumpiness!!

    **  I have not had more than 6 hours sleep for nearly a month.

    **  In fact the last 2 weeks 4-5 hours of sleep is as good as it gets

    **  That is not enough if you ask me!!

    **  That’s the biggest thing I miss about before having kids… mmmm…. sleep…..

    **  I really appreciate my mothers group friends who wrote nice things about me over the last couple of days

    **  Thank you nice mothers group friends.

    **  It helped me to know that you are there for me.

    **  Sometimes I do not like being a girl 😉

    **  I am wondering if whether it is just me – or whether PMT really does multiply with each baby you have?!

    **  Maybe the exhaustion just takes away the coping mechanisms!?

    **  Boys are lucky

    **  One of Hannah and my favourite things to do is to watch the kite surfers and the wind surfers at the beach

    **  I’d love to fly like they do over the water.

    **  But I will never try it – it looks far too much like hard work.

    **  Yesterday we watched the kites for 15 mins on the way home from Hannah’s daycare

    **  It made us both very happy – there were a lot of kites out. This is half of them…

    **  Despite all the lack of sleep and other muck, I am very thankful for my life.

    **  It is a really good one…

    **  I have a great family

    **  … I am happy.

    **  Enjoy the rest of your week…


    1. Hi gorgeous . You are an amazing wife and an awesome mum! I couldn’t do it without you. So impressed with your creativity, you never cease to amaze me. Proud of you learning a new gadget 😉 Keep smiling. xoxoxoxo

    2. Love you Kat!!! If you ever need anything PLEASE give me a buzz or a txt. I’m more than happy to help even just hang out when the kids go to bed. Your doing a fantastic job and your so inspiring. KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK!


    3. I love this post!! You make me laugh: “Ummmmmmmmmmmm….. “!!!!!?????!!!! …. “Look Hannah – can you see that big truck?”
      Loved spending time with you and your beautiful girls today – I got a bit sunburned, did you? Maybe it was windburn, it was windy!
      And thanks again for the love: going through all this muck, and you still worry about my muck! Love ya xx

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