Project 52 – Week 2: Playing with vinyl…


    Hi everyone. Welcome to week 2 of Project 52:

    This week for me has been all about vinyl. I really wanted to test to see more of what my Klic n Kut can offer me in the way of designing & cutting. I plan to use vinyl a lot in my business, so it seemed the obvious first choice of product to focus on getting to know.

    In actual fact I could probably count 3 (main) things that I learnt during this weeks challenge – firstly I had to learn the Klic n Kut studio software and how to design using it (long way to go here ahem… talk about a slow coach!!). Then I had to learn how to cut vinyl effectively and streamline settings on the machine. Finally I had to learn different ways of application – depending on the type of vinyl used e.g. fabric transfer vinyl, or standard vinyl for paper/hard surface application.

    Talk about lots to learn!!! And it’s not even close to being over yet… I have a new heat press arriving on Thursday which I will use to heat bond my designs (more about that in the coming weeks I’m sure). So next I’ll have to learn to use that (I’ve been using my iron in the meantime – not ideal!!).

    Anyway these are some photos of my Project 2 of 52: Getting to know Vinyl….

    Firstly of course I had to try cutting my logo – here it is in vinyl applied to the corner of my whiteboard (featuring last weeks project too 😉 )  I will use this method of cutting in my business to create inspirational messages for peoples walls etc… Check out the detail on the butterfly. It’s only about 1.5 inches square – not bad hey!!

    Secondly a couple of t-shirts that I did. Thought I would make these for a friend to say thank you for a couple of items she recently leant me (1 of which may or may not have had an extended stay ahem…)

    This teapot is one of my girls designs for my business. You can see the full t-shirt here.

    The train will not be one of my exclusive designs… I put it together quite quickly and it definitely needs some improvement…

     3 different designs so far for matroyshka dolls. These will also be a feature of the girls designer range.

    One of the girls transferred onto cardstock for a card…

    And finally – just because I was having total sewing withdrawels, here is an apron that I whipped up for my neighbour…

    Anyway the kids have now awoken and Abbie is busy rolling rings around me literally so I have to go. This week she has learnt to roll from her back to her front and can now move across the entire room – creating a path of destruction in her wake. Oh brother!!
    Better go put my mummy hat back on.
    Look forward to seeing all of your lovely creations. Don’t forget to add them to our flickr group when you get a chance.


    1. Oh Kat you are amazing…totally adore all of these.
      I have wanted some vinyl wording for ages, so can’t wait to order some from you.

      Go Abbie go!!


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