Project 52 – Week 1: Pretty Magnet Tutorial


Welcome to the first week of my Project 52 challenge….

Sometimes I shock myself!! The shock this time comes in the form of me not doing a sewing related project for my 1st weekly challenge – S.U.R.P.R.I.S.E
Bet you all thought I’d be using my fancy cutter too. Well ha – I fooled you – just trying to build the suspense and everything 😉 Well ok – actually it’s because the materials that I needed to make the project I wanted to make reveal for Week 1 are currently on order from over East. So here’s hoping that they arrive by next week and all can be revealed for Week 2. I’ll be super excited to announce said project too – because they’ll be a staple item for my shop and hopefully a big seller. So please hurry Australia Post!! (Is the suspense killing you yet – is it, is it? Muhaha 😉 )

So anyway – on to plan B:

Pretty Magnet Tutorial

My inspiration this week comes from this:

My new magnetic white board. Look inspiring? I thought not… it didn’t to me either… Also it’s pretty darn un-usable in it’s current state, since I only have like 4 magnets for it. So the challenge to me this week was to make some pretty magnets to improve the look and useability of my design board.

This project is so easy anyone could do it. It would also be an awesome one for doing with your (older) kids – maybe for the fridge etc… (obviously not with littlies who are still in the lets eat everything within arms reach stage). So for this project you will need:

     **  One sided sticky magnetic sheeting (I got mine from Riot crafts – I bought the big pack but the size sheets you need for this project are only about $3 or less)
     **  Something to sand the edges with
     **  Ink pad (optional)
     **  Tiny very sharp scissors
     **  Focus stickers/paper/photo (whatever you want the magnet to feature) – I used both stickers and  scrapbooking paper for mine.
     **  Clear dome stickers (I bought mine from the scrapbooking shop for $2). I actually wanted to use clear flat glass marbles/beads for this, but I could not find them anywhere I looked this morning. I think they would be better if you can find those…

To begin, take your glass dome sticker and place it over whatever it is that you want to feature:

Cut roughly around it. Next cut a piece of your sticky magnetic sheet roughly the same size. Peel the backing sheet off your magnet and stick your feature piece to it:

Next, trim off your excess so that you end up with the final sized magnet:

At this point it still looks a little untidy. So lets tidy it up… take your sanding device (I used a scrapbooking sanding block – but you could use regular fine sandpaper or an emery board/nail file or whatever) and gently sand the edges, turning the magnet around as you go. Take care to sand with the sanding block (or whatever) at right angles to the magnet – so that you do not damage the front…

It should now look a lot more smooth and tidy. The next step is optional depending on whether you have an ink pad, but I find that it just gives it that last tidy up and makes it look less handmade (we want it to look professional right). So next take your ink pad or sponge and ink around the edges, again taking care to keep the pad or sponge at 90 degrees to the edge so that you don’t mark the front.

And wallah… now you have a beautiful magnet, ready to use on your fridge, design wall or whatever…
Here are some of mine:

Of course I had to have some butterflies. Then some words to inspire. And lastly some treats – because if you know me, you’ll know that I have a bad habit of often munching while I create.

These dome stickers make for quite a flat magnet. If you would like to add some more height to your magnet simply add some fun foam in between the feature sticker/paper and the magnetic strip.This makes a really nice raised magnet – only thing is that I didn’t find that they look as tidy finished:

I think these would make an awesome easy peasy gift idea. Not only easy but cheap as well – you can make a whole bunch for $10 easy. Ticks all my boxes. I hope you’ve enjoyed my first tutorial (and that the instructions are clear!!). Please let me know if you make some, as I’d love to see photos.

Happy creating…


  1. LOVE♥ them.

    Funny thing is I just ordered some off line today!!! Next time I’ll have to make some : )

    Thanks for inspiration and ideas Kat MWA

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