Project 52 updates…


    If you are new to Project 52 then welcome. If you are a follower then hi & thank you for your continued support of this project and your kind words of encouragement.

    When I first posted about Project 52 to be honest it was still somewhat of a half thought out idea and work in progress in my mind. My main thinking and the reason why I created the project is that I have BIG plans for this year, but sometimes I struggle staying focused (hence the name business name Flutter!!). I am results driven and I work best when I have accountability. I also really want to spend this year concentrating on learning new skills that I can later use in my business. As a result of all this thinking I decided 52 projects was enough to keep me motivated, enough to give me a weekly deadline to work towards, but not become so overwhelming that the pressure got too much and I gave up… So that is why I’m doing it…

    When I started it, I had no idea that it would be so well recieved and inspire you lovely people so much. I’m thrilled and overwhelmed that it has and really thankful for all of your kind words of encouragement.
    – I’m also really REALLY excited that some of you lovely creative minds have decided to join me for the journey and commit to it in some form yourself.

    So- I decided that since some of you are inspired to do your own version of Project 52 – then I will make it a bit more “official”. Since I wrote the original parameters thinking solely of what I personally want to achieve by it, I have decided to repost more general group parameters so that if you would like to join then you know what the score is.

    Here goes….

    Project 52 Group sign up parameters:

    Project 52 is designed to:
    – keep us learning
    – keep us creative
    – keep us accountable
    – keep us inspired by other peoples creations
    – and keep us having a bundle of fun…

    The idea of Project 52 is simple – You make 1 crafty item per week for 52 weeks…
    Stipulations are:

    **  Comment on this post to let me know that you are participating so that I can add you to the list of participants
    **  The crafty item can be any craft.
    **  Big, medium, small, part of an unfinished project from ages ago – the size of the project does not matter – whatever you choose you can manage that week.
    **  To count the project must be finished in full that week
    **  The deadline for your finished project is Friday for “Show & Tell Friday”
    **  If you keep a blog please add the button to your blog side bar, and in any posts about Show & Tell Friday posts you do for Project 52, please put a reference link back to my blog.
    **  You may come join along to Project 52 at any time of the year
    **  Post a photo of your project (and also if you want to then add any photos of projects you’ve made using one of my tutorials) to our Flickr group so that we can all stay inspired.

    So there you have it – those are the guidelines/parameters whatever you want to call them…

    If Project 52 is too much of a committment for you then no worries. Feel free to join the Flickr Group – or save it as a bookmark – regardless, so that you can stay in touch with the groups progress.

    Let me know feedback or if anything needs clarifying!! As you’ll see the parameters for joining are nowhere near as hardcore as my own. Just 1 per week fullstop.

    Looking forward to sharing the journey and my weekly progress with you!!


    1. As you know gorgeous…I’m in!! Have just posted my first project…bit late and it was completed last week but you know how it goes.

      Am really looking forward to seeing what others come up with…it will keep the inspiration and motivation alive.

    2. This is a great idea, I have to make over 25 knit projects for my first (authored) book, and this could be a fun way to motivate some of the action….plus I have completed 2 quitly things in the past 2 weeks, I am going to join…

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