Happy place updates…


    Tweaking, tweaking and more tweaking… this is a little bit of what we got up to yesterday in my Happy Place to prepare it for running a business efficiently…

    Extending the floating wall (we are renting so it’s all portable) and installing some new shelves.

    A new rail for under my design boards to hang my buckets and hundreds of rolls of tape on.

    Please note the smudged out drawings and writing on the white board. Tee hee hee… you can’t see those yet. They are top secret until Project 52 Show & Tell Friday!! I am B.E.S.I.D.E. myself with excitement and anticipation for this Friday’s post!!!!! So make sure you come back Friday to check it out…

    My whole design corner in all it’s glory. Oh to many happy hours using this happy place!!

    The view of the mess if I spin around in my chair from my work desk. I very rarely get to work while the kids are awake – but occasionally I get to on the weekends when Neil’s home – and I do so love still being part of the action. It has it’s minus’s of course and probably isn’t my ideal world – but certainly better than no space at all and I certainly now feel like I’ve maximised the potential of my little living room nook!!!!

    My Happy Place still needs a few more little things doing to it here and there – namely an extra support bracket for my rail & some decorative storage boxes for all the clutter on top of my shelves. But it just continues to get better and better thanks to my superhero husband and his powertool welding awesomeness.

    I sure am blessed!!


    1. Kat I would love to have a space to call my own..sadly our home is way too small so I am left to the dining room table. You will have many hours of happily creating in there.

      Have not yet posted my lst item for project 52 but have completed it 🙂

    2. My centre of creativity is also part of the longe/dining area. yes there are plusses and minuses to this but like you said its better than not having anything at all. Yes siree.

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