flutter [ˈflʌtə]
    1. a quick flapping or vibrating motion
    2. a state of nervous excitement or confusion
    3. excited interest; sensation; stir
    Well it’s official. As of Monday my business legally exists in the state of Western Australia…
    And most excitingly it’s SO ME!!!! This is technically my 3rd business because I was self employed twice before having children. BUT, and it’s a big but (in case you didn’t notice lol…) this is the first time it’s really been my dream. I could get inspired about the others and be successful at them- but honestly they weren’t my dream… This is my dream. It feels SO good. SO exciting!! (and often SO scary)…
    Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed my original choice of name because it was too similar to another business’s name. I was a bit devastated about this at first to be honest. But the new name is already starting to feel more comfortable and I’m sure in a few months I won’t even remember that it wasn’t the first pick.  
    **  Note to self – come up with a couple of other name options BEFORE you are standing in front of the lady and the centre of commerce staring blankly at her and having to come up with another name on the spot. Because I looked like a total fool going ummmm, ahhhh, ummmm…..
    It totally took me by surprise because I (thought) that I had searched every register & database and made it unique… but apparently not.

    So the **official** new name and logo is:

    I’ve had such a productive few days ticking things off my business to do list. In fact I really can’t believe how productive it’s been. Amazing what a few early mornings and also having hubby home off work for a few days can achieve!!

    I still feel a bit like this:

    … a small girl with her toes dipped in a BIG ocean. 
    But I am managing to maintain perspective. This business can be as big or small as I make it. Sometimes I just need to step back, take a breath and remember that

     I just have to keep telling myself – slow down… the tortoise wins the race…
    … one step in front of the other…   breathe…..
            …..  one step in front of the other…    breathe….

    … and I know that I am not walking this journey alone. 
    That helps. 
    A lot.


    1. You are very lucky to be following your dreams Miss Kat…I for one will excitedly be following your journey. Really looking forward to seeing some of your products 🙂

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