Dear Modern Swap Partner…


    Hi lovely Partner!!

    If you are stalking me and have made it over to my blog then welcome… it is nice to have you stop a while. Please feel free to take a snoop around at your leisure and learn something about me…  I am very excited to have you creating something special for me to treasure!!

    Although the first thing that you should probably know about me is that I don’t do secrets well (not my own anyway) and the suspense will k.i.l.l me not knowing which of the lovely creations in the pool are for me… all very well having a partner to stalk, but a little weird to be the one to be stalked (if that makes sense).

    I have made you a mosaic of inspiration:

    Anywhoo…. Things you probably want to know about me:

    **  I love full, bright, fresh, saturated, fun colours. I especially love them when paired with white, to really show them off. – Plenty of white on white with a splash of colour really does it for me.
    **  While I like certain elements of the current vintage trend (particularly teapots/teacups & vintage florals)- really and truly deep down I’m a classic or modern styled girl at heart, and like clean lines & freshness.
    **  I’m really into colour wheels/rainbows of colour at the moment (which you probably can guess from my blog header & mosaic).
    **  My favourite colours are teal/aqua & pink – but really I just love full colour.
    **  I’m a pretty girly girl

    Options of things that I’d love for you to make for me:
    **  Nice placemats for my dining room table – although it would be great if these could have like a clear vinyl on the top – otherwise I’d be scared to ruin them. But seriously, don’t worry if this is too tall an order!!
    **  Maybe if you do placemats/kitcheny things then a matching handtowel would be nice.
    **  A novelty pin cushion – particularly I’d love one to wear on my wrist. Because I don’t know about you – but my pins are NEVER where I need them!!
    **  A cute mini mini bunting to go over my shelves or design wall in my happy place
    **  Really anything that you have the desire to make me – I’m not that fussy. Especially if you are much more creative than my ideas here LOL… – really, don’t feel limited 😀

    Fabrics I would love:
    **  Again I’m pretty easily pleased. I’d love something in the rainbow spectrum of colours. And you can never go wrong with dots!!
    **  Designers I love most at the moment are Michael Miller, Riley Blake, Alexander Henry, Sandi Henderson
    **  Lines I love most at the moment are Ruby star rising (specifically the teapots/cups), Farmdale (especially the teal one which I don’t have), Elizabeth Scott Red Rose Farm and that’s all I can think of off the top of my head.
    In saying all that I adore many of the Japanese prints – and do not own a single one. So you are completely safe getting those. I also have absolutely no linen in my stash. I love the shot cottons too.
    But again – don’t feel that you have to limit yourself to this list – it’s more just for inspiration.

    Hope that helps. Most importantly have fun and thanks SO much in advance!!


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