Business launch…

    Thanks everyone for your feedback on my Project 52 challenge!
    I know I’m a little crazy… However I’m super duper excited about the creativity it’s going to ignite in me and the results I will see as a consequence of challenging myself to the Max (and believe me Project 52 is definitely going to challenge me to the Max!!). I know it will be worth it – and it will keep me learning, growing and moving forward – which really is my main aim…. Plus I have another ulterior motive which you will now see….
    Today I am launching a new business venture. In 2009 I bought a Klic n Kut diecut machine with the goal of going into business in 2010. Unfortunately for my business plans (but definitely fortunately for our family) I fell pregnant with Abbie a few weeks after the machine arrived. Typical. So plans kind of had to change since firstly I was really sick, and secondly we moved to a much smaller house – with no obvious place for my machine. So my focus moved from building my business to building my family instead. And happily so!
    However, now that Abbie is 5 months old, sleep is not so ellusive, and I have a new Happy Place with my machine back taking it’s rightful pride of place, I’m ready for a fresh start and to make the commitment to succeed on the whole home business thing… So – without further rambling… I’d love to announce the launch of…
    Flutter by.Kat – Fresh brand, fresh name, fresh logo, fresh start… It’s a year late – but better late than never right. 2011 is going to be huge for me!!
    So now you know another of the ulterior motives behind Project 52. I doubt all of the projects I choose for this will be for the business – but certainly many of them will be in some shape or form…
    So watch this space for further developments…. now on to getting a facebook page and website up and running. Not to mention designing, designing, more designing and creating some beautiful projects to sell under the brand.
    Oh… and finishing learning how to use my Klic n Kut – that might be a good start too 😀


    1. oh my goodness Kat!!! I’m so happy for you!
      And I love love love the logo!
      I’m joining you in this business endeavour side of things this year…keep your eyes open for ‘TEATIME’! Hey if you need somewhere to print sew on labels let me know – I’ve found a really good one!
      Love ya

    2. Wow!! That is awesome news Kat. Your logo is magical, just love it.
      I think 2011 is the year for us to shine…I’m hoping to get little poppa up and running asap also.
      Maybe those of us locally who are starting small businesses could form a support network wherewe meet monthly..just an idea.

    3. Woohoo!! So happy for you Kat!
      Doesn’t it feel like a lifetime ago we were waiting expectantly for that diecut machine to arrive, getting excited about sewing and creating and dreamily talking about future plans of selling all of our creations?
      Then all of a sudden waiting expectantly for two babies to arrive 🙂
      Very proud of you – Psalm 1:3 “… and whatever {she} does will prosper”!

    4. Oh Kat im so happy that your dream (regarding ur own business)is finally come true! You are so creative and so good at it and im sure you will do great! You have all our support in prayer and any other way you need! X

    5. Congratulations Kat – wishing lots of success and looking forward to seeing all the beautiful things you make

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