About Flutter from.Kat – the post you’ve all been waiting for…

    … The cogs have been working overtime in the background here at the house of Flutter… thinking… pondering… designing… planning…. sourcing….
    I am SOOO excited to finally have the ability to reveal a bit more information about Flutter from.Kat….
    There are still crazy amounts to do before I can even begin to reveal more designs and start to trade…… but at least today I can hopefully give you a few more specifics about what my plans for the business are and reveal a few sample products:
    Flutter from.Kat is an online upmarket boutique for handmade, personalised gifts. It specialises in handmade, made-to-order, personalised, high quality designs for children and the home.  Each product is designed by Kat Soper and handmade with love, uniquely for the purchaser, with great love & care.
    Flutter will have 2 main ranges:
    The first will be a designer range. This range will be designed by Kat primarily using cut vinyl & fabric applications, and include:
    Designer t-shirts
    Inspiration phrases & scripture vinyl wall art
    Children’s vinyl wall art
    Canvas art
    The second range will be products that can be personalised with the child’s name and if desired their photo (or even a copy of their artwork) as well. This range will include:
    Drink bottles
    Bucket hats
    Pillowcase & sheet sets
    Products in this range will be particularly fantastic for children attending daycare and school, who require personalised gear.
    Designs and products are under development but unfortunately I cannot show you very many pictures yet. My goal is to have the website up and running with the first roll out of products by the end of February 2011 at the latest. After that new products will be released in stages though the year.
    Here is an example of one of my prototypes for the personalised t.shirt range to give you an idea… 
    This range will have a list of girls & boys designs. They will be cut from premium textile vinyl and heat applied. Emphasis will be on classic, modern, stylish personalised designs.
    I hope that helps you know a little bit more about what I’m planning to offer. Sorry there’s not more to show at this stage – but you know… there’s a lot to do first 😀
    I really look forward to hearing your feedback!!


    1. You certainly did draw that out didn’t you Miss? I have been waiting not so patiently all day for this, hehe.
      Love that design it’s just gorgeous. Really loving what you will have on offer..it’s great that everything will be personalised to each individual.
      Can’t wait to see more 🙂

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