AAAhhhhhhhhh….. an explosion of one’s mind….


    Talk about this business venture thing being a learning curve!!! I don’t think I was fully prepared for the total BRAIN EXPLOSION that has happened to me over the last 2 days. It all started so innocently – just sitting down to design a logo… simple… right?!
    Well no… not really. My brain has not had a moments peace from ideas and information since. Idea after idea floats into my head and out again. Information about setting up a business feels like it’s never ending.

    My good friend Emma describes it as a swinging pendulum effect. I have to agree. I so love how she describes it, and it sums up how I’m feeling perfectly!!:

    The only thing I can liken my mind to at the moment is a swinging pendulum.
    It swings one way and oh! There is a thought!

    Before I get a chance to reflect on that thought, ponder some more, it’s gone; the pendulum has swung again. This time in a different direction. Oh! There’s a good thought!

    Can’t capture that one because it has swung again.”  

    My poor brain has been having a work out like it hasn’t since I gave up work to have Hannah-Elise 3 years ago…
    …. Tax, websites, business, machinery, materials, $$$, design ideas, products, products and more design ideas. Inspirational websites and more websites and more websites… Flutter flutter flutter flutter flutter back and forth between ideas (no pun intended… much).

    I’m not sure I was completely ready for it to all get so big so quick. That’s typical of me – impatient and wanting it done yesterday. But it’s all good fun. I think.
    One foot in front of the other and I will get there.

    In the meantime I will continue to dip my weary feet in the ocean… refreshing my feet, refreshing my mind… ahhh, that feels better… And I will remember…


    1. I know of the swinging pendulum you and Em speak of…that is me continually…I have piles of notes/lists scattered everywhere with random thoughts jotted down. Just trust that everything will come together and it will. Half the fun is in the journey 🙂

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