2010 in review & on to a new year…

    A new year – I really can’t believe it’s 2011!! I can remember so vividly looking forward in anticipation to the year 2000 when I would finish High School and “be free” (free? yeah right…ha ha). At that point it time it was 8 YEARS AWAY. Oh my!! Now the year 2000 is 11 years ago. So hard to believe yet so much as changed!!
     (sunset over our lake – across the road from our house…)

     During 2010 I made 17 quilts- woah baby. Sounds a few to me considering I only started sewing in April & had a baby in August! Recently I have become brave and started dabbling in non-quilty sewing and made pillowcases, bags, onesies, aprons, softies and more…

    2011 feels like it’s going to be another awesome year. It will hopefully be a lot more of a settled year. We don’t have many major life changing events for our family planned- which makes a change I can tell you!! So that should leave plenty of opportunity for crafting.

    These are my crafty goals for 2011:
    Sew more for myself and my own family (how totally selfish!! – but I’ve given 95% of my sewing to date away)
    Learn and ‘perfect’ using my Klic n Kut diecut machine (more on that later)
    Learn and ‘perfect’ using my embroidery function.
    Start a little hobby business and get a website up and running selling my homemade things
    Sell my homemade goodies at a market
    Get our new local sewing bee Sew Bee-Inspired pumping
    Sew something for charity
    Release some tutorials either on my blog, in print or both
    Be adventurous and keep challenging myself to try more new things
    Continue to embrace the bloggy world, get to know all you lovely people, and maybe join another swap or bee – we shall see 😀

    that should just about do it. Look forward to seeing all of your beautiful creations over the coming months 😀


    1. Lovely!! I love your hopes for this year and I’m standing by you in a few of them! So when is Sew Bee-Inspired on again?
      Can’t wait!!

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