Yay I’m BACK!!!


Woo HOOOOOOO…. I have another computer!! My old trusty friend was quite well missed I can tell you. Amazing how much we depend on these things for day to day sanity. Now I have my ability to do my banking, photo editing etc… back – not least of all my ability to blog and surf the internet!! Computer oh how I have missed thee!! Quite sad really to have missed it so much. And do you know the most frustrating thing? The amount of times over the last month I have gone to do something and realised I need a tutorial saved to my bookmarks is uncountable. It has frustrated me no end not being able to find the instructions I know existed etc…. So anyway yesterday our insurance finally got finalised and Neil went and picked up my new laptop and ipod etc….YAY!!  He was a total gem and spent all last evening setting it up for me with all my programmes and stuff (while I had some friends over sewing I might add) – so today I am rearing to go. Thank you hubby!! What a legend!!

Here is a peak at a few projects I have been working on over my last month of absence:

Scarlett’s first birthday present cushion:

I was a bit sneaky with this cushion. I was originally planning to make a bunting – but then I found out that another friend was going to be making a bunting for Scarlett’s room, with fabric that Scarlett’s mum had picked herself. So I sneakily arranged to go and get some of the leftover scraps from the bunting, so I could make a named pillow to coordinate. I’m really happy with how it came out – my first pillow!! So happy I wanted to keep it. But no Scarlett in this family so off it went to it’s new home 🙂

Gracie’s Quilt:

This quilt was my first commission – which was highly exciting in itself!! It was for a friends granddaughter. My friend and her daughter picked out some pictures to give me an idea of what they wanted and picked the fabric themselves – so then I made a design along the lines of what they picked and put it together. I have to say that it looks like a simple quilt but it really wasn’t. I think mostly because I had to overcome my mental barrier of putting these fabrics together. I love the end result – but they are not fabrics I would usually pick or put together so it did test me. Also it’s my first large scale applique effort. I would like to try this pattern again with fabrics that I’ve picked because I do like how it came out in the end.

More projects to show – but I think that will do for today. Enough reading.

Happy sewing everyone 🙂


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