Ode to Claire….


During November I was lucky enough to have one of my very besties visit me from NZ for 2 weeks. It’s the second year in a row that she’s visited me for my birthday so I’m totally spoilt rotten!!  Since I have 2 wee ones and Miss Abbie does not a happy traveller make (she has a favourite habit of screaming in the car all the way from A to B) there was a lot of time spent at home this year during Claire’s visit. So what did this mean? Lots of sewing of course!!

My initial intention was to sew Claire a lap quilt to match my Quilt as you go quilt I finished for myself before she got here. Unfortunately this just didn’t quite get to happen. So instead I taught her to sew while she stayed and we sewed her quilt “together”. I say together loosely – because really Claire sewed probably 80% of it while I ran around after my children. I do have 2 sewing machines but unfortunately the old “donkey” didn’t quite cut the mustard for either of us, so that meant only one of us really sewed at a time – and usually Claire won. Here is the fabulous result:

Not a great pic but it will give you the idea of it’s awesomeness. Perfect for snuggling up under and so coold that we have 2 quilts the same. She did a great job!! I reckon I should do this with my presents more often = Self service present giving – what a great idea!! 🙂
I guess the main thing is that Claire really enjoyed learning to sew and I think I have now introduced her to a new obsession. She was even talking about buying a sewing machine on the WAY HOME from the airport!! So I didn’t get a look in to my sewing machine the whole time she visited (not that I minded at all) because she was on it. Here is the other project she quilted up all by herself:

I have encouraged her that she really needs to keep this for herself. There is something so special about your first quilt don’t you think? So this quilt is a great cot size and is made for Baby XX whenever Baby XX decides to introduce itself to the world. Miss Abbie thinks it works just fine as a baby quilt 🙂
What a pleasure to have gotten to spend so much time enjoying one of my favourite things with one of my favourite friends. Lucky lucky me!!