Works in progress:


This week my daughter has been sick – AGAIN, so we haven’t been out much. Nothing major – but still a big pain in the butt. I had to keep her home from daycare yesterday (which we were both sad about!!) and could not go to Mothers group or playgroup this week. So the downside of this (apart from the obvious – her being sick) is that we’re all tired, cranky, and sick of being at home. The upside is that being at home means that we’ve been in a pretty good routine and both girls have been having good coordinated afternoon sleeps. This = more time to sew!!

So apart from finishing my queen sized quilt, which I’m sure you’re all sick of hearing about – I’ve been working on a few other projects:

Breastfeeding apron prototype:

So far in the last 6 months at least 10 good friends of mine have had babies, in Australia alone – let alone family and friends in the UK & NZ. I have a number of friends still expecting as well. With this many babies being born it’s just not possible to make a quilt for them all, so I’ve had to come up with some new gift ideas…
After I had Abbie I was given a breast feeding apron similar to this from a friend, that I use to feed when I’m out and about. It is so great because it has a bit of boning at the top which makes it possible for me to see her under there, but hides everything from everyone else. Many of my friends have commented on it and even requested I make them one – so on the weekend I finally got around to making my first one for a friend who had her gorgeous baby boy last week.
The pattern needs a bit of “tweaking” – so after I finish the tweaks maybe I’ll post a tutorial if anyone is interested, as they are super easy and such a well received gift.

I’ve also had some cool little labels printed for when I make gifts for people. Loving using those!

Another project I have on the go is for my modern swap partner. I have been dying to try out this spider web tutorial by Elizabeth over atΒ Oh, Fransson! for ages, so when I saw it appeared a few times on my partners favourites I thought it was a perfect opportunity to give it a go. It’s pretty easy to do and I love the results!! Hopefully my swap partner will too (and hopefully it will make it to them – because I’m quite tempted to keep it for me πŸ˜‰ ). I’m planning on making a cushion from it, and maybe another cushion to go with it with the same fabrics but a block style similar to the ones I did here for Lucinda.

These fabrics are also going to be turned into a cute bunting for my partner:

I’ve also just started working on my October bee blocks for my Bits and pieces bee. So just few things on the go πŸ˜€