Seeing it through to the end…


There are some projects which I am relieved to see finished – and this is one of them. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy every step of the process, definitely not that at all… it’s just that this was my biggest project to date, and it is also a project for ME – all ME (well, and hubby I suppose…  😉 ). So I’m pleased to have it all finished, backed, bound and washed and to be about to go and spend my first night snuggled up under it, admiring it in all it’s glory.

My pics last week were pretty bad so I’ve included a few more. They’re still pretty bad, but hopefully show the colour a little better:

I’m so in love with it! The only disappointment I have is with the final size. It shrunk more than I was anticipating and could have done with being a touch bigger. But not a lot bigger so that was the toughy – because a whole extra block would have been a bit much. Oh well – if I really decide later it needs to be bigger, I might think about putting a ruffle around it or something.

So here are the final specs:
It is 42 x 13.5 inch finished blocks in total – 6 blocks tall by 7 blocks wide. It is backed, and also bound, with the same bright aqua as the pillows. I think it just brings all the colours together nicely.
To join the front to the back I have simply stitched in the ditch, and in the centre-ish of each block I have put a little free motion heart just to anchor the middle (centre-ish because I found a place it suited in each block rather than went for the dead centre.)

Close up of the back & binding. You can also kind of see one of my free-motion hearts in the middle:

I plan to make a few cushions and/or some wall art in the same style to tie everything all together.

Now to choose my next project. I’ve had so much fabric arrive in the last 2 weeks thanks to a brilliant exchange rate, that I am spoilt for choice for a change. Whatever it is though, I think I might make something a little smaller this time !! 🙂

Go and check out Amy’s Sew & Tell Friday and be inspired. Happy sewing everyone.


  1. this is one of my favorite quilts of all times! I love the colors you chose, the fussy cuts, the quilting…it’s so beautiful!


  2. Oh this is lovely! Love the blues you’ve and your choice of fabrics. That exchange rate is very tempting isn’t although I think the nz dollar dropped a little yesterday not that I need any more fabric!

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