Miss Polly had a Dolly….


Last night I decided to try and tick another non-quilty sewing project off of my list and give sewing a softie a try. My friend Emma was kind enough to let me borrow her softies book (which is such a cute book!!) and assured me that the Polly dolly was achievable in around an hour. So I decided that would be a perfect first try.

I had some beautiful Amy Butler fabric scraps that would have looked super cute and I wanted to use – but I was a bit too chicken to use them for the first one. I should have just run with it though because it was so easy and really not that big of a deal. I just don’t have much of it so I guess I am hoarding it a bit until I can get some more 🙂

Anyway here is miss Polly in all her glory:

In my typical style I didn’t listen to what the pattern said – which was to increase the size of the pattern by 130%. After seeing the size of Emma’s I decided I wanted a smaller one, because I want 2 the same size and the smaller one will be better for baby Abbie. So as a result of me not following the instructions, this was a waaayyyy more fiddly size to work with and probably took me at least double the time Emma predicted. No doubt also because it was my first ever softie.
But we got there, and I’m really happy with how she came out (minus the fact that her face is a bit high on her head – doh). Hannah loves her too – as Polly is being carted around everywhere Hannah goes already:

So therefore, job well done I think 🙂