Flying Geese block for October’s Sew & Bee-Happy


Well since my neighbour is currently walking my dog & my 2 year old around the block this will have to be brief so I can hopefully finish it before they get back (I know, I know… I don’t do brief well!!)…

So this is my October block for Sew & Bee-Happy for Felicity. It was my first try at doing foundation paper piecing, which had previously terrified me. It wasn’t actually nearly as hard as I thought though. My stitch ripper still had a fair bit of use  (not that fun when you are using a very short stitch length by the way). But that was more to do with me sewing late at night while my eyes were drooping shut and making silly mistakes, rather than it being difficult. Have to sew while I can though… and while I can usually = when everyone else is sleeeeppppinnnnggg  zzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..

Anyway hope you like it Felicity. I had fun making it.

I love how this block turned out, but I sooooo wouldn’t have the patience to make very many of them. So a great choice for a bee block!! 🙂


  1. These are EXACTLY my same feelings about this block! I made so many sleepy mistakes yesterday that I decided to just give it a rest, but I’ll hopefully have some better luck in finishing it today.

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