A busy week… in a non sewing way…


    Well it hasn’t been a productive week (or 2) in terms of sewing… but it has in terms of massive life changing events. On Monday morning I woke up with a stomach ache (haha) and 3 hours later got the pleasure of holding our newest family member in my arms – our beautiful second daughter Abigail (Abbie) Grace Soper. She is just gorgeous and I am soooo in LOVE  !!! Things have been amazingly smooth and easy the second time around (long may it last) and we have really enjoyed our week together getting to know her.
    We also had 2 other family members arrive this week – although not quite so painfully 🙂 My dad arrived for 5 weeks from NZ, bringing our dog Izzy with him. We’ve been waiting ages to bring Izzy over and now she’s finally back with the family. So our little family of 3 has ballooned to 6 – and that’s without my mum arriving in a few weeks.
    So no wonder my motivation had taken a really huge dive in the last couple of weeks. I am already looking at my sewing machine longingly – especially as the day I had her a huge bundle of gorgeous fabric arrived on my doorstep. But for now I’m quite happy playing mummy to my 2 fantastic girls. Last week before I had Abbie I had made it up to 22 blocks of my 56 required for my quilt as you go – so almost half way now.

    A wee pic of our darling Abbie :


    1. I’m starting at the begging and reading all your bloggs (I missed so many!!!) Abbie is soooo little in this photo! It seems so long ago she was born, but really not long ago at all! Time really does fly by hey!

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