finally… I got my camera out!!


Well… despite not blogging in over a month – whooops… it doesn’t mean that I have lost the sewing bug. Probably more the fact that I’ve been spending all my time sewing rather than writing about sewing. So – I thought it was finally time that I updated on my progress… Lots of new skills tried and learnt this month. Lots of learning about myself and what I’m capable of too. For example I’ve learnt that I strongly dislike basting. I’ve tried both spray and pin basting and neither really takes my fancy. Probably does not help that I’m now 8 months pregnant and crawling around on the floor isn’t all that desireable 🙂

Anyway here are my most recent projects…
Orange Butterfly Quilt:
A Christmas present to an unnamed recipient (just in case she should stumble across this….) My first try at just chopping up my fabric, starting to sew and seeing what I ended up with. Not entirely within my comfort zone to use this method but I’m super happy with the results. I had seen this style by other people heaps of times on their blogs and fallen in love with it. I’m pleased with how it turned out. It was also my 2nd effort at free motion quilting. I tried a “koru” type pattern which is symbolic of NZ, since this quilt will be rehomed in England. I was quite ambitious with my choice of a darkish orange thread to quilt – hopefully it doesn’t detract to much from the fabric. But I’m happy enough with it
Blue Star Quilt:
 Another Christmas present, this time for my mum. First try at a proper pattern. Both quilts look a lot better in real life. I probably could do with ironing the creases before I photograph them so that they don’t look so wonky – but hey – these will do for now….
 My new favourite couch snuggly…
Chose a very simple pattern for this one since it was for me and I wanted a big one all before baby was born. I decided to back it with fleece to make it more cosy. NOT something I’m going to choose to do again for a quilt of this size. Fine for baby quilts but it’s a nightmare to sew. So messy to start with and so stretchy. Does make for a super cozy quilt though so it was worth it in the end. For this quilt I mostly stitched in the ditch as I didn’t want it heavily quilted. However I did add some feature quilting to break up the solids which I learnt off a tutorial from Elizabeth at Oh Fransson! It was actually a lot easier than I thought and finishes the quilt off nicely.
The only other exciting quilt news is that I made my first online fabric order from overseas. So far I’ve just been shopping at my local fabric stores – but I’m going to embark on a really big quilt for our bed next and I really wanted to branch out and get some awesome fabrics. I can’t WAIT until they arrive!!
Thx in advance Hawethorne threads!!

Anyway that’s probably enough for now… After all these big quilts I’m moving back onto another baby quilt. Hopefully I should have it finished in the next few days and you never know – I might make another post before the month is out.


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