My 1st Quilt


Well – I did it… YAY for me!!! I finally overcame my fear of cutting into the beautiful fabric that I had bought to make Hannah a quilt – not to mention my fear of sewing – and made my first quilt.
Here is my first effort… I have learnt such a lot in the process and can see the many faults, but I still love it. Especially as it’s a project finished, and my daughter love love LOVES it. She calls it her “special ABCs blanket” because it has letters on that spell her name. It’s nice to know that it is loved and used.
This is a rather rubbish photo I’m afraid. I still haven’t taken any good ones since I quilted it. I quilted it stippled it using light pink cotton. Probably rather ambitious for a first try but I’m really happy with it. Since there where so many straight lines in the quilt already I thought that stippling was the way to go and I’m glad I did!
Now on to the next projects….